Subtitled: A 5-hour journey examining the history, root-causes, and consequences of public schooling

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Publication Date: 2012

Summary: Former NYC and New York State School Teacher of the Year (John Taylor Gatto) illustrates HOW and WHY our public schools are dumbing us down… and what We can do about it.

From the back-cover: “When John Taylor Gatto resigned from his job, he did so on the Op-Ed page of the Wall Street Journal. At the time, he was NYC and NY State “Teacher of the Year”. Herein, with more than 200 footnotes, and more than 30 classic texts referenced; this 5-hour interview session, memorializing John’s research, publications, and life experiences, forms an impeccable family resource and reference library of The Underground History of American Education. Each hour focuses on examining the evolution of ideas, which manifest today in the phenomenon of public schooling. By dissecting the history and presenting you with the references, you’re left at the end of each hour, with a copious amount of information to digest; from which you can continue your own personal journey of discovery.”

This interview also includes solutions, documents, and references; asking only that you consider the information – THINK FOR YOURSELF – and communicate with others in order to share a higher-level of awareness, thus protecting ourselves from financial predators. This presentation is offered as a public service of the subscribers of the Tragedy and Hope online community, which is an international research and study group, composed of individuals who have screened our productions, and seek to take the next-steps in enacting strategic solutions.

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Executive Producer(s): Members of the Tragedy and Hope online community

Produced by: Lisa Arbercheski, Richard Grove, Tony Myers and Rick Malchow

Directed by: Richard Grove

Cover Art by: Greg Hardesty

Runtime: 5-hours and 47min + Behind the Scenes Footage (4-DVDs or 1-Blu Ray disc)

Commentary and Analysis: Peace Revolution Episodes 041-045 (16+ Hours with almost 1,000 notes, references, books, and videos)

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Bibliography and References:

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