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Discussions exposing the Nazi ufo program since his beginning and his new development in our time.

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We live in a great conspiracy!

pentagon aliens – william lyne (pdf)

This book will disappoint those who expects it to be filled with tales about little ‘aliens’, or about how I was abducted and used as a sex slave by giant Venusian females (or weird little alien guys who have ‘implanted’ me, or experimented with my sex organs, etc.).This book is about the “flying saucer”-—sometimes called the “UFO”—what it really is, who invented it, and why our government still conceals it after over fifty years of use by it. I also explore the political, social, economic and historical context in which Big Brother has maintained a hoax of gigantic proportions, by lying to and brain washing the public, and oppressing intelligent witnesses, to conceal the saucer secrets from us, and why.My “space aliens” are actually people, whose philosophy and bizarre masquerade are alien to the American way of life, since they believe in government by anti-democratic hoax, to maintain the secret power of the Trilateral Commission elite, to whom our lives are very cheap.

read: pentagon aliens (3rd ed.) – william lyne (pdf)



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