Jesse Ventura – The Bilderberg Group

They would die too just like everyone else. God world always changes for everyone. You live in a big palace or in a hut, we leave it behind. No wealth ever goes to anyone. How about natural deceases no man can fight and no guarantee under ground tunnel would survive? When earth quack struck everything goes. Egypt went 5000 years ago sand spread over whole city and all elites gone. Peace

The elites are dirty scum really they are and we know now what they doing to us. We must defend by saying no to their slavery lifestyle forced up on us. In name of H1 N1 vaccine and flue jab they may win because mark of the beast have been planned for poor, homeless, jobless, on welfare programme, in prison, on medical need, where in name of recession and cost cutting theory they are giving mark of the beast already in most part of the world they have started food programme and getting everyone in system ready for their next plan they have to reduce population.

In India they have started this welfare programme for their entire population 1.3 billions where never in history India have given a dam about it under class population who are over 500 millions, this population just earn 1 dollar per day to feed their family and they bag on the street to feed their rest of the family members. Yes next would be vaccine for all those who receiving free welfare help are on the list.

When deceases break out, people leave the town and city, leaving poor behind so the elites knows clear up process began and once all done, secret programme to hide start where no one gives a dam how many are been killed and where they went because those who lived, have no jobs, food, medical help so who went where who cares.

Yes this elites have power of money, law at their side, army and total medical care under their rule, they know food and money too they could stop at anytime leaving total population hungry so when they want to change big thing they have their civil slave to follow orders to eliminate those who are chosen to go forever.

The FEMA and coffin is not for masses because masses are been done through vaccine and hunger, so the FEMA and coffin for those who are awaken one who would not carry out their orders and those who would try to stop them through adopting policy of defending by peaceful means they would be killed.

FEMA and coffin for those who are captured and threat to their programme they would be taken just like Hitler and SS did to Jews and others so until they are required they would be used by the elites in the FEMA Camps and than vaccine for them too by creating false flue. Yes this way like they have advertised they only want 500 millions, they could achieve it.

They are with the power so already this is a prison planet we living in. We are controlled by everything really, food, jobs, poverty, housing cost, education only their creation to keep everyone in debt so no one is free really. Total medical science in under their control so the medical employees, already playing Gods by deciding who should live and who should die. Right now they using WAR GAME, RECESSION, DECEASES, TERRORIST THREATS, NUKE FEAR. One final conspiracy along with all of these, MONSANTO CHEMICAL FOOD PROGRAMME this is their last hope where no food, no riots because without food no one survive so they would leave us all here and they are in their under ground tunnel, they have the food supply for months if not years and they know population do not survive this long and those who had survived, eites know how to control them. Again new God and new fear.

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