The ancient romance Jesus Christ

This is an old video that was reedited from 2007 by requests from members of our channel.
Every culture in development has necessarily to focus on their fears and insecurities into something greater, a creator and his mentors or prophets. All cultures have used the sun and stars to form your notions of deities. Like all prophets offered by our religions, Christ is a great mental force generated by all those who focus their thinking on this entity, making it exists in the form of mental energy of faith, and is present in the aura of the planet. Christ is not a simple being but a communion of beings who create this entity, giving life to a being of Energy, magnanimous that will protect and represent them face the creator of the universe. It represents the sum of all those who are focused on a more just society for the planet, regardless of the religion of their neighbors. A follower of Christ, Allah, Mohammed, Manitou, Buddha, Confucius, Brahma or any other entity which manages this same state of mental aura, is part of the same level of frequency.

“The worst blind is the one who doesn’t wants to see!” CB



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