Tactical Subversion – MC Ma’at

Eyyo the chemtrails are for real it gets deep
You better wake up or get killed in your sleep
The slow kill technique hurts your physique
Plus people looking bleak from the sprays of last week

Yes, *cough* you feel the barium,
Heavy metal particles will definitely bury in
Fluoride and aluminum are in your head marrying
Take a look at what your pinal gland is carrying

After the aspar-tame it’s probably cancer
Stop buying diet go and riot is my answer
Wake up soon enough and you might even get the chance ta’
Kill that centralbanking government-advancing gangster

Now don’t get subliminally tricked to kill a Rothschild
By listening to this you will probably be profiled
I spit the type of shit that make the agencies go wild
Next you’re never heard from like the Marc Dutroux X-Files

Pedophile networks got your children dissappearing
The things you’re hearing go beyond their geo-engineering
Don’t even think I’m kidding you, these evil individuals
Are all into mystical sacrificial rituals

These masonic criminals will never get away with it
I’m invoking Nuremberg’s spirit just by saying it
My lyrics got ’em steppin up their personal security
Nervously endangered like thimerosal mercury

Let’s see if you can follow me, Now you see
Poppy slavery and cocaine brought money in the monarchy
Together with the Rockefellers now they run the oil
Sacrificing lives on Babylonian soil.

The CIA worked with Bin Laden in Afghanistan.
Run Jundallah in Iran and helped the Taliban
Hamas created by Mossad to counter Arafat
And the PLO, also look up Operation Gladio.

The terrorists are trained by the intelligence community
You see the unity to the world trade in 93
And London seven seven, down the line to nine eleven.
Madrid Oklahoma City, let this be a lesson

If your mind ain’t open to this openminded knowledge
Better be heading back to your brainwashing college
After that you can go get a mortgage
Be a debt slave and let the bank own your cottage

You fear and doubt the facts I sneer and shout by sheer amount
While we’re about to hear about their whereabouts to clear em out
They can never ever stop the truth from leaking out
Bohemian and Bilderberg is what i’m speaking ’bout

You see I ain’t an agent, ’cause that’s not my thing
To ever swear an oath and pledge allegiance to the king
If you already did and think that you deserve respect
Who do you really think you’re here to serve and protect

It’s 1984 multiplied by nine eleven
If mussolini was alive he’d thought he’d be in heaven
Politics and TV are theatrical diversions
Pay taxes for the wars and this is tactical subversion

Listen up, I’m not here to spread rumors,
Obedient consumers drink diet and get tumors
Now your money’s going to the cancer industry
Enlengthening the misery and holding back the remedy

Go ahead google up the Nouns in this melody
Find out these are facts and not just fantasy
Or listen to the TV and use the word conspiracy
Don’t even bother looking up the false flag history.

So turn the nazi propaganda off and wake the fuck up
Rip the system up make em stop with an uppercut
Turn it up, deceitful evil weasels I’ll defeat you
Knowledge gives the power, this is power to the people



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