Prodigy of Mobb Deep – Real Power Is People

Verse 1 Yeah that’s right
Uh Live from the belly they got me behind the fence I run sh*t from the inside The
fu*king President of the infamous gang
Get a whiff of my stank
I got that icky icky cotton picky sh*t that have you dazed
I’m a quadruple O.G. a old soul call me The re-incarnation of the pharaoh with an O.E
The barrel full of hot lead
Shoot a pothead Talking that sh*t ’bout hip hop dead
Na it’s live from behind the gate Permanent smiley face
Any nigga stuntin on the God Na you outta place
I beat a lot of cases Had to take an L
I’ll see you in a hot sec, Yup hold it down

Money is worthless
Real power is people
Real strength is in the streets Where everybody is equal
fu*k jewelry, fu*k rims Lets spend on our protection
Get Armor get cameras Get wit it lil nigga this man sh*t.
Real power is people Real strength is in the streets
Where everybody is equal

Verse 2
This is live behind the wall Sitting staring at the wall
I’m fit to pop out this bi*ch like a new born
I’m fit to cut out all the smoking and the drinkin
The wine and the spirits its evil when you think it baby
Son I’m telling the truth you live it then you see it
You breathe it then you be it I’ll tell you lil secret
It’s a secret Government that worship an owl
They practice witchcraft to harness they power.
Pedophiles rape little kids for energy
Its satanic rituals; WTC, RIP, Then lit the pentagon on fire
That’s lighting a pentagram on fire

All these bodies for what
So you can scare everybody into one world, hun’
All my crimeys is on deck
So if you aint come for a war then run





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