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Secret Military Aircraft Russian Top Secret Aircraft C-130 YMC-130H Lockheed Hercules accident crash

The NAZI UFO Conspiracy & Secret Technology [Full Documentary Films]

“Anti”-Gravity or Advanced Propulsion Physics & Technologies

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Sunday Nov. 9, 2014
The Nazi Diaspora

Peter Levenda returns to his quest for the truth about the true character of the Nazi cult and its influence.

Wednesday Nov. 5, 2014
Politics & Economy/ Ancient Texts & MJ-12 Docs

Expert in theology, biblical languages, and world civilizations, Mike Heiser, works on ancient astronaut beliefs, Nazi UFOs, giants in biblical texts and history, end times and New World Order.

Thursday Aug. 7, 2014
Ventura Update/ Secret Space Program

Conspiracy researcher Olav Phillips specializes in the secret space program, exotic aircraft, high technology, foreign policy, pre-history, mysterious civilizations.

he discussed his study of Alternative 3, a rarely seen British TV program from 1977.

Third Reich Secret Science

Nazi UFO 卐 Bell Flying Saucer Cover up Ancient Alien UFO Secret Technology 👽 the History Project YouTube Playlist

Nazi Bell – Secret Flying Saucers
This is not another film about flakes and weirdos it’s a true story about how real flying saucers were developed secretly …right under our noses. The first “flying saucer” spotted by an American pilot over Mount Washington in 1947.

Nazi UFO Flying Saucer
He coined the phrase of the disc-shaped craft that hovered above him and heralded the age of UFOs (unidentified flying objects).

Additional Information:

History Project UFOs The Real History
UFO spotters became convinced these were spacecraft flown by aliens. Governments and the media scoffed at the idea of Alien transport but others knew better.

Flying Saucer Technology
Under cover of the popular hysteria fueled sensationalist newspaper reports, Hollywood movie scripts. Scientists secretly designing, building and piloting real flying saucers.

Nazi Ancient aliens
A story of the man-made flying saucers, more than 50 years of development during which governments invested heavily in the promising anti-gravity flying machines from secret projects – mysterious lights seen in the skies.

Nazi Scientists
Attempts at building flying saucers had been made in the 1920’s and in 1944. As the Allies overran Nazi Germany, brilliant aircraft designers learned the secrets of the Third Reich’s saucer development as post-war military effort to win the Cold War.

UFO Design
Secret design headquarters were set up. The British Ministry of Defense issued dismissive statements of “flying saucer” sightings while the Government poured millions of pounds into a secret project, known as Project Y.

Nazi Moon Base
By 1960, the first saucers from the Avro Company were flying. Declassified footage shows the two-man ‘flying jeep’ saucer on test flights. The military denied further development but supersonic craft were recorded everywhere.

Government Alien Secrets
The US government began a public relations exercise called Project Blue Book. Its sustained campaign to discredit flying saucer sightings provided a smokescreen for the funding of an even more remarkable anti-gravity project now credited by many experts with being the forerunner of the formerly top secret Stealth Bomber.

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Nazi UFO Technology Third Reich

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