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NASA gives a blueprint for future war, and the final domination of the human race.

American Free Press Photoshop by Ken LaRive

This might possibly be the most important essay I have ever written…

Last week I was sent a link, by an Oath Keeper, showing an amazing document she took from the NASA website. I hit the print button and was astounded by what I found in its 113 pages. My copy is now bound and inserted into my library. I suggest you do the same, and share it with everyone, well, the 22 percent who still read anyway.

Called “Future Strategic Issues/Future Warfare [Circa 2025],it just might be the most amazing projection of our human progress ever discovered, and yet, a variable blueprint for the very demise of the human race as we now know it, and it is happening now. It graphically shows application of new technology uses in warfare, and inadvertently the complete domination and control of the human mind. It seems to emphatically indicate the real reason we have not returned to the moon, and how our space programs have been thwarted. NASA has been hijacked by the military industrial complex, and it emphatically explains how this new technology, by decades of experimentation, trials and covert testing, have and will be used on any entity they deem a threat, including Americans.

Listed below are just some of the topics covered…

Page 4: Data/trends/analyses/technologies about Robots – Cyborgs and human interactions.

Page 9: Discusses how humans have “taken over” evolution, and a concept called “Directed Evolution,” is brought to light. And though Monsanto is not mentioned, it does come to mind. But then Monsanto may indeed be suspect in GMO, cloning and GE , there are literally hundreds more doing the same, and all around the world.

Page 14: Talks about key future technologies like the introduction of robotics, and genetic engineering before birth.

Page 35: Discusses confluent accomplishments in IT/Bio/Nano technologies, such as taking the brain of a sea lamprey and inserting it into the body of a robotic fish, and a flesh/plant eating robot that can digest to maintain energy and live off the land, and the possibility of a new kind of solder.

Page 43: Macro Dust Weaponry using Micron sized “dust” distributed by an aerosol to be inhaled. It would have a pathological mission implanted, like boring holes into linings. The legality of these new weapons are discussed too.

Page 45 to 50: Beam weapons revealed. The use of low power microwaves on whole populations that would cause universal behavioral performance decrements, seizures, gross altercation in brain function, 30% to 100% increases in blood flow to the brain, lethality, and further interactions between low power microwaves (microwatts per sq. cm./.4 to 3 GHz) MW, and brain function.

Page 55: Discusses the application and legality of Microwave.RF, Anti Functional and Antipersonnel Weaponry, chemical anti-functional weaponry, Chemical “Psychological Effects” via Sensory Organs Weaponry, like smell, with chemical personnel incapacitation weaponry, PSYWAR, Acoustic Weaponry, and mechanical micro dust.

Page 66: Discusses human beings scientifically analyzed without the consideration of the soul or intrinsic worth, but of our limitations in the new world order. Human downsides include, too large, too heavy, too tinder, too slow (both mentally and physically), and that humans are rapidly decreasing to have a negative value in the light of scientific advancements.

Page 67: Discusses Robotics “In the large,” to be used to save lives, affordability, and redefines risk/threat environments with enhanced effectiveness.

Page 93: The “CNN” Syndrome… Sink Carrier via “swarm attacks. “The use of prime time capture and torture of Americans, and the takedown of communication infrastructure, IO/IW. EPM, RF against the human brain, for control of the populous.” The use of “Psywar” and what collateral damage to expect…

You can find this power-point presentation on the site It is being called a warfare strategy document, and I can’t say, at this time, what the true ramifications of this paper might be, or why it was allowed to surface on the NASA site. No doubt, if it is brought into the twisted truths of mainstream media, it will be downplayed, said to be a forgery, or simply told that it is speculative, and taken out of context. Most likely it will never be mentioned. So get a copy, digest it, and make a decision as to what to do. No doubt, what we are facing in the future we can hardly conceive of today, and this paper gives just a taste of what we have in store.

The real eye opener to me is the coldness of its inhumanity, as we are considered lab rats. It reminds me of an organization I once inadvertently joined at the Progressive San Diego City College. There, for a grade, I promoted ZPG, Zero Population Growth, and quit suddenly when I realized that it advocated the mandatory sterilization of women at 14 yoa. One small bump was that science could not yet make that procedure reversible, as a study of lab rats determined sterilization of women the only recourse, because one rouge male could, in theory, impregnate 100 females. Today this reversal can indeed be done, and with our civil liberties being just an illusion, and our culture resembling the lab rats tests more and more, what can stop it?

The promoting of abortions around the world on your tax dollars is not by chance. With 3000 fresh fetuses every day from the US alone, and the doors opened by Obama to use them in stem-cell research, what lucrative monstrosities are being created behind the curtains of science? Newly constructed laboratories with mirrored windows are closed to the public, and all under the control of a banking cartel that can print money out of thin air. If that does not concern you, you are indeed a fool, as blatantly described by them. Perhaps this paper was put there without fear of reprisal, because their assessment of us is right.

Author’s note: Do you realize that this might be the catalyst for WW3? That, and fifty others all coming at us at one time. Hey, what do you think of the draft choices of those Saints, hu? Pass me a beer and that bowl of (GMO) popcorn, will ya? And the remote too! I want to see what they are saying about that crazy trial and that idiot racist Jessie Jackson, before the game.

Do you realize that the AR-15 you bought last year stimulated the military industrial complex as much as a medium sized war? Do you realize that this new technology can coerce your mind to use that weapon to kill your entire family, and then yourself? Think about this concept, if you can. 1984 came long before that date, and 2025 is now. They know that we the people want to unite for a common cause, it will ultimately be their downfall, and now we are fighting again over color, a distraction promoted on every station. Know this, if we cannot unite, we will die. But that death may not be the end of your life, but your country, your liberty and will, and your very soul. You see, from my perspective, God helps those who help themselves, and yet there are elements who want us all to sit back trusting, and ideally put our lives in the hands of God. They are counting on that, as they have no moral compass. If we do not stand up and unite…


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