Recorded at Newbury Sound during May and June of 1983, “My America” was the F.U.s’ second release and it came during one of hardcore’s last great years, 1983. Boston and the general XClaim scene, which also included the likes of Jerry’s Kids and S.S. Decontrol, were reigning in the underground with some of the fastest stuff around.

The F.U.’s had already established their place in the pantheon of hardcore greats with their brilliant 1981 session tracks that would end up as their contribution to Modern Method’s “This Is Boston Not L.A.” compilation. They followed that up with their 1982 “Kill For Christ” 12″ (which has also been released by Taang as a separate CD that includes the Boston Not L.A. sessions).

I had thought that the “Kill For Christ” record was not quite up to the level of those initial compilation tracks, but I feel the album being reviewed here “My America” is better and can now over 25 years later be considered a hardcore classic.

This comes from the day when an LP could be very brief and “My America” is rippingly fast and anthemic hardcore for its 15 minute duration. Best tracks are opener “What You Pay For” and “Unite or Lose.” There is even the F.U.s’ rendition of Grand Funk Railroad’s “American Band” (and they weren’t the only hardcore band to cover that song in 1983 — the other being Verbal Abuse).

Kudos to Taang for making this rarity available again. Many punkers who have had to go by their crackly old vinyl copy for all these years can rejoice that this material is now available on CD. Classic hardcore here.



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