The documentary film “Holes In Heaven”, is not new, but its excellent. It is worth every minute of the time it takes to view and consider the information it presents on HAARP. Though there are many recent stories about HAARP being “shutdown” and “dismantled”, its far too early for conclusions. For the record, the same stories circulated almost two years ago. Even if the Alaska HAARP facility is taken “off line” (which would surprise me), there are already dozens more around the globe. I have supplied several links to articles at the bottom of this post that are already casting doubt about the HAARP shutdown. Decide for yourself who in “Holes In Heaven” is telling the truth, and who is lying. The government minions are all too easily exposed in the film. The gravity of what we all face cannot be overstated. We must not abandon our sense of reason due to the opinions and lies of fools and cowards. All those with a sense of responsibility are needed to help sound the alarm no matter how much resistance to the truth there is from friends and family. Now is when we all see what we are made of.
Dane Wigington

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