I KNEW I WAS RIGHT! – ChronicVibe

More truth tunes to awake the Sheeple!

“Knew I Was Right”

(Verse one)

Its like my whole life
I knew I was right
lost in the struggle
while the world powers huddle
in a dark dim room
planning the planets doom
playing the puppet-masters
viewing life like a cartoon
no bugs bunny
only bugged phones
keep a close watch on the lives they own
made money, causing sadness
addicted to the habits
television given?
“go ahead let em have it!”
you can’t grab it
teachers just back it
I’ve had it!
gonna take a grab at this madness
I knew I was right
got it locked in my sight
and the freaks ain’t the only things that come out at night
yea they GPS our cellphones
can turn them on
they own the technology and build the bombs
own the gun factory and keep soldiers at arms
supply the world with warfare and prepare the pawns

(Chorus one)

They watch where you sleep
they control what you eat
and they’re cloning your meat
“I Knew I Was Right”

They heard us like sheep
watch you walk down the street
they control the TV’s
“I Knew I Was Right”

Let you know what they choose
keep you onto their news
and your hooked on the booze
“I Knew I Was Right”

They’re holding the key
and they heard us like sheep
big brothers little bo peep
“I Knew I Was Right”

(verse two)

Corrupted corporate cameras in corners
and government
and disorders
are fuckin’ with our boarders
like sheep
to keep us in order
and every time I make a dollar they want to take a quarter
I’m not cheap
or a hoarder
or a war supporter
try to be there for my daughter
tell her “garbage kills whales and water”
its a shame apes get slaughtered
the truth hurts
yea but at least its the truth
while they tell you lies loose
I”m really real to the youth
so pass the noose
cuz religion is a spoof
must sound kinda crazy coming from a padded booth
against the grain, I can’t complain
I’d never fit inside a box
that’d be insane
you say you need a way out
man I’m feeling the same
I’m working 7 – 3:30
man I’m feeling your pain
and all the while I’m just a paycheck for the governments gain
and when you really need help they let you sleep in the rain
and thats real

(chorus two)

They own the cops
and the military clocks
control trains and docks
“I Knew I Was Right”

They bring in the drugs
then they blame it on thugs
listen in on their bugs
“I Knew I Was Right”

They’re scared of our art
cuz we rip them apart
and we speak from the heart
“I Knew I Was Right”

They let you eat cake
and they take and they take
its like they want you to break
“I Knew I Was Right”

(Verse three)

Think and lash out
Drink and pass out
wake up interrogated
with a gun in your mouth
see its big brothers house
looks like nobody’s home
he watch from underground
and works on creating the clones
a restricted zone
area 51
the eyes in the skies
disguised as anyone
of our own and our homes are houses to house drones
in a rat race
we gettin’ worked to the bone
said “I’ve always known”
I knew I was right
said the thought can’t be bought
and the truth is insight
the wisdom listens
and the knowledge speaks
so i’ll speak after listening to rebels
and those freed
those who opposed and closed in on the man
believed in the power of “Yes I can!”
not “no I’m not”
never knocked down
or bowing to kings
the cover ups
I knew I was right

(Chorus three)

They give you the credit
and they keep you in debt
and sell you their cigarettes
“I Knew I Was Right”

They distract with news
own the booze
you snooze you loose
“I Knew I Was Right”

They give you your ends
and they act like your friends
but its all pretend
“I Knew I Was Right”

They keep us all apart
driving their comfy cars
created a.i.d.s. and s.a.r.s.
“I Knew I Was Right”



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