Payday Monsanto – Everything IS under control


The events of 11th September 2001 have, in large part, defined the geopolitics of the past eight years. They have been instrumental in the rush to war, tyranny, and the repression and suppression of civil rights and liberties.

There are enough questions to ensure that we need a proper and urgent independent investigation that satisfactorily answers those questions rather than sidestepping them.

We owe it to all the people who died that day and to all the people who have died in its aftermath.

We need the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. And then we need to put it behind us and move on to the new era that is ahead of us, and build a better and more sane, creative, dynamic, peaceful and harmonious society.


“Don’t ever say I didn’t warn you!

That’s about all one can do.

Anything these creatures tell you,

The opposite is probably true.

Everyday, their grip is getting stronger.

We must not groom the tree of Evil any longer.

Everyday, the tyrant’s getting closer.

Will you sit back and watch, or do what you’re suppose to?”

What can I get with 2.3 trillion?

When does a citizen become a civilian?

When did the heroes morph into the villains?

How can two planes cauterize three buildings?

These are questions that can get you merk.

Politically, socially, physically put into the dirt.

Many swear that there’s some kind of conflict of interest with them.

The conflict depends upon what you’re interested in.

You can chant 9/11 was an inside job,

All day until you say The Mossad.

And pay closer attention to Flight 175,

And the odd cylintrical pod beneath the fuselage.

Then it’s two plus two level addition,

After you factor in the flight termination systems.

And flashback to the cash the good Rabbi stole,

September Textiles…Right down the rabbit hole!


What can I get with 2.3 billion?

You can get unlimited corporate news!

What can I get with 2.3 billion?

You can have any mercenaries you choose!

You could steal a couple million souls!

You could get everything under control.

The Pentagon, it was not an act of randomness

That murdered the countless bookkeepers and budget analysts.

That side of the building was retrofitted prior to this,

To withstand bomb blasts and nicknamed The Catcher’s Mitt!

If that don’t give you some kind of idea why they threw the mortar,

You should probably take some medication for your new disorder.

The buildings are burning

Don’t ever trust a news reporter,

With 267 stories of gruesome slaughter.

They’ll never mention Dov Zakeim and trillions stolen:

Much less missile equipped Boeings, even remote controlling.

With System Planning Corporation International,

The folks that see if you’ve got some buildings you want to crash into.

But that’s impossible without the proper capitol.

That’s why I’m asking you what you would do with unimaginable wealth?

So much money you can’t delve in it.

Enough to buy 5 presidents and 10 senates.



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