Clubbed to Death” is a 1995 song by Rob Dougan. It appeared in the 1996 film Clubbed to Death and was given renewed attention in 1999 due to its inclusion in the film The Matrix. It was re-released as a single in 2002 with new remixes.

The video starts with a man observing society from a neutral point of view, and he notices people walking backwards and cars traveling backwards too. These represent people conforming to society, simply following the crowd without imposing their own passion, opinions. Next he notices the giants. At 0:33 a business man carrying a suitcase looks at the rest of the people in a supercilious manner, representing corporate greed and selfishness.
Wind pushes back against him and people yell at him to stop and that it’s pointless. This represents the struggles of individualism in the real world. When we wear certain clothings or act a certain way, society looks down upon us and tries to force us to change. Fortunately there is a force that can help us defeat societal pressures, which is the power of love. At 1:47 it shows her falling in love, and the conviction of love opens her eyes to the tainted way of society.
At 0:39 it shows an old man glaring at a young African American girl, representing racism. The Chinese giant at 2:36 represents industrialism and conformation. This is proven by the factories around him, the people in cars returning/going to work, and a Chinese union banner at 2:36. At 0:52 he starts to run forward, an attempt to steer away from the direction of society and form his own path.
She notices the man running against the wind/crowd, and she is influenced. At 3:00 it shows his transformation from a ordinary member of society to becoming an influential giant. Even in life, ordinary people become influential through hard work and perseverance, such as Ghandi or Bill Gates. At 3:13 the young African American girl notices this new giant and is influenced to move forward, following the path that he took.



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