Who knew postrock and jiddu krishnamurti were friends?
song: godspeed you black emperor – rockets fall on rocket falls
speaker: jiddu krishnamurti – learning that transforms consciousness
video: Tomber Yaacoby


“Our consciousness has been programmed for thousands and thousands of years and we have been conditioned, programmed, wired…to be, to think as individuals. To think as separate entities struggling, struggling conflict — from the moment you’re born until you die. We are programmed to it. We have accepted that. We have never challenged it, we have never asked, if it possible to live a life totally, absolutely without conflict.”

“And the religious organizations throughout the world have maintained this individual salvation. And we are questioning very seriously whether there is an individual consciousness. Whether you as a human consciousness have a separate consciousness from the rest of mankind. You have to answer this. You can not just play with it. My consciousness and yours; if we’ve been brought up, programmed conditioned to the individual then my consciousness is all this activities of thought. Fear is thought…”

The suffering, the anxiety, the uncertainty, the deep regrets, wounds, the burden of centuries of sorrow is part of thought. Thought is responsible for all this.

The speaker has repeated several times
What thought is
But each time when we talk about it
You discover something new
Unless you do it together
Not merely listen to what the speaker is saying
We are doing it together
Than you will for yourself discover
The truth
And the significance
And the limitation of thought
Thought has created the problems
Which surround us
And our brains
Are trained
To solving problems
Please understand this
Thought has created the problems
Like division between nationalities
Though has created the division
And therefore the conflict between various economic structures
Thought has created
Various religions
And divided them
And therefore there’s conflict
And the brain is trained
To solve these conflicts which thought has created
I wonder if you see all this?
Can we go on?
We understand this problem together?
Unless we deeply understand
The nature of our thinking
The nature of our reactions
Which part of our thinking
Thought dominates our lives
Whatever we do
Whatever action takes place
Thought is behind that action
Every activity
Whether it is sensual activity
Or intellectual activity
Or merely biological physical activity
Is operating all the time
Though centuries
It has been programmed conditioned
The body acts in its own ways
The brain
Which has evolved through millennia upon millennia
That has been programmed to a certain pattern
Which is obvious
If you are a catholic or a hindu or a budd—or whatever it is
You repeat it over and over again and over again
As we asked the other day
What is thought?
Why has thought become so extraordinary important
In our lives?
Is there
An action
Which is not born of thought?
We have to inquire on this
Its not just ask this question and wait for somebody else to answer
No body’s going to answer
And if you put the question to yourself
And are serious
In that question
You break the pattern
I’ll show you as we go along
The speaker will go into
Is the movement
Of time
I’ll go very carefully into this
Please lets go together in this
Is the movement of time and space
Which is
Thought is memory
The remembrance of past things
Thought is the activity of knowledge
Knowledge which has been gathered together
Though millions and millions of years
Memory in the brain
The speaker is not an expert on the brain
But if you observe your own activity
You will see
Experience is the basis of us
And knowledge is the basis of our lives
And knowledge is never complete
It must always go together
With ignorance
See the importance
Please understand
Knowledge we think is going to solve all our problems
Whether it is the knowledge of the priest
The guru
Or the scientist
Or the philosopher
Or the latest psychiatrist
But we have never
Whether knowledge
In itself
Not about something
You understand the difference?
Whether knowledge in itself
Can solve any of our problems
Except perhaps technological problems
So we must go into it
Knowledge is come—
Put to—comes through time
If one has to learn a language
You need time
If you have to learn a skill
You need to have time
If you want to drive a car efficiently
You have to learn about it
That requires time
You have knowledge
How to drive
How to do something skillfully as a carpenter
Or to put together a computer
You must have knowledge
Which means time
That same movement
Which is movement of time
Is brought over to the psychological field
They too will say
I must have time to learn about myself
I must
In order to change myself from what is to what should be
I must have time
The same activity as in the technology world
We’ve brought over that same movement into the psychological world
You following all this?
Which means that time is a great factor in our lives
The past
And the future
And the present
Is thought

Your own consciousness
Which is you
And with it naturally goes hatred
Where there is fear there must be violence
The tremendous urge to succeed
Both in the physical as well as in the psychological world
Fear has many factors, which we’ll go into when we are talking about fear
And the constant pursuit of pleasure
Pleasure of possession
Pleasure of domination
Pleasure of money, which gives power
The pleasure of a philosopher with his immense knowledge
The guru with his circus
Pleasure again has innumerable forms
And there is also
The deep sense of abiding
Endless sense of loneliness
And not only the so-called personal sorrow
But also the enormous sorrow of mankind has brought about through wars
Through neglect
Through this endless sense of conquering one group of people by another
And in that consciousness there is the racial group content
And ultimately there is death
This is our consciousness
And uncertainties
Great sense of anxiety
And endless misery
This is a fact
And we say this consciousness
Is that so?
Go to the Far East or the other east,
India, American, Europe
Anywhere you go where human beings are
They suffer
They’re anxious
Struggling conflict
Same like you
Similar like you
So is your consciousness from the other?
I know it’s very difficult
Maybe to logically accept
Which is intellectual verbally say yes
That is so
But to feel this total human sense that there is no humanity except you
You are the rest of mankind
That requires great deal of sensitivity
It’s not a problem to be solved
It isn’t that, ‘I must accept that I’m not an individual
And how am I to feel this global human entity?’
Then you’ve made it into a problem
And the brain is ready to solve the problem
Do this
Don’t do that
Go to a guru
You know all the circus that goes on
But if you really look at it
With your mind
With your heart
With you whole being
Totally aware of this fact
Then you have broken the program
It is naturally broken
But if you say ‘I will break it’
You are getting back in the same
I wonder if you understand
Shall I go over ii again?
Is it necessary for the speak to repeat
But please don’t accept this because the speaker feels this
To him this is utter reality
Not something verbally accepted
Because it’s pleasant
But it is something that is actual
Then if that is so
Which is logically
Sanely examine and you’ll see
It is so
But the brain which has been accustomed to
This program of the individuality is going to revolt
Which you are doing now
Which is the brain is unwilling to learn
Where as the computer is willing to learn
Here we are frightening of losing something
And if you don’t understand this
We’ll go over and over again
But a serious person confronting the world situation
The world catastrophe
The terror
The atom bomb
The endless competition between nations
That is destroying human beings
It’s destroying us
Each one
And the decision comes
When you perceive the truth that you are not an individual
song: godspeed you black emperor – sleep
speaker: jiddu krishnamurti – learning that transforms consciousness



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