Welcome to Post-Racial USA Where the president’s black so what (does) that say Obviously we’re in the same boat Slave ships are old news now we all cope On an equal playing field with oppression White and black its like they carrying the same weapon Cause if trayvon was white he still would have died And Zimmerman would still be freed if he was OJ’s kind Wait a minute! It’s just coincidence That blacks are like 12% the populance But over 40% in the prison house Maybe they are just yet to figure this shit out History is irrelevant it’s in the past The cops won’t stop you or me we’ll both pass Stop your bitching, whining, complaining Obama never seems to do it, he the tame one You think life in the projects it tough, but hey We allready had civil rights with MLK We got the best living standards anyway You can allways go ahead and leave the country You talking ’bout racial justice; are you a communist? They the only ones that really take you serious Otherwise just shut your mouth and play along You see even whites can make a fucking rap song I’m kinda pissed about affirmative action I only affirm that I wear black fashion And that should be enough to let you know I care Don’t call me a racist, don’t you, don’t you dare [Hook x 2] You wanna get off the case like me You wanna never get chased like me Wanna wild out, do drugs like me You can’t really do that, cause you ain’t white like me [Verse 2] I’m at the frat house, don’t you, don’t you know I’m in here with my peoples, my motherfucking bros I got white friends, black friends, mexicans; The legal ones, off course, man the party’s sweltering I even see some people of terrorist decent But I know they the good ones, they innocent Anyone in here, try to do some dope Man I bought a half key of fucking coke I got the hookup, my cousin supplied it But if they ask, imma keep that shit on silent We in the back, snorting up thats how we do Ah, the cops at the door, what the fuck do we do? We got; Kareem, Jamal and an Estevez I thought next thing, they comin’ for my fucking neck But then I placed the others weren’t dressed right Sometimes you need a suit and tie, then you outta sight



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