MC Ma’at – Violent Rebelution

(The Bankster)
Good day I’m a bankster true gangster, go against me and get injected with a cancer. Ask me what I’m doing, I’ll give you the answer: to tell you the truth I’m a government advancer. Born in this life of wealth, life of stealth, because the banks we run, we keep to ourselves. I’ts a private bank, the name suggests otherwise, Rockefeller, Rothschild, me and some other guys rule the world ’cause we got a money monopoly. Together with the monarchy, no one is on top of me. We create, print and lend to the government, charge ’em with interest on every other cent. Especially in times of war our profits soar, Why else did you think we fixed up 9/11 for? Learn to be a slave through the education system, our media and politics will really make you listen.

(The Company Agent)
I work for the man supply and demand hustle heroin straight from Afghanistan. Get the contraband, fly it to another land, ship it with the coke and bring it to the motherland. Train militia’s worldwide to overthrow regimes, my interrogation room looks like a murder scene. Electrify, I’ll make you testify, even though everything we do is classified. We run a worldwide secret prison network, assassinate presidents you’ll see that I’m an expert. Political opponents – we make ’em dissappear. Can’t you see the true terrorist is here? Anthrax bombthreats it’s all ours, I’m the one who put the explosives in the towers. We get called Al-Qaeda by the M-E-D-I-A, But you might also recognize me as the CIA.

(The Violent Revolutionary)
Turn off the propaganda that justifies their war crimes, let’s put down the pickett signs and pick up a nine. Rush a couple of mansions, erradicate some bloodlines, it’s revenge time for the holocaust and genocides. Found out what they did, look up where they live, run up in their cribs and put a gun up in their ribs. I’m saying how it is time to die you fuckin’ pigs, this is what you get for sacrificing little kids. Massacre the royalties who own the oil companies
This here guillotine will reverse your foreign policies. Commence the Reign of Terror in a whole new setting, because blue blood bleeds better by beheading. The few puppet masters will get trampled by the masses, it’s fun to see them run while we molotov their asses. Realize the trues enemies are just a few families, revolutionary people’s power is the remedy.



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