This great documentary from Jose Escamilla tackling a controversial subject using well structured planning, depth, and research with intriguing insight is one of few paranormal documentaries which I took the time to look further into.

To be honest, the difference is that I believe he is researcher first and a film maker second. Compared to many others in this field where being a filmmaker is a lot further down the list.

His main research involves open-to-public photography of the moon. This is an important aspect of the documentary. He also hand picks various moon and UFO researchers with plausible theories. Which are all strung together in a well rounded documentary. I believe the film has been dubbed “the first UFO documentary award worthy”

It is not worth going into more depth of the plot, hollow moon theory to religious connection, as it will not do justificiation or give clarity, but will only raise questions. This documentary is worth a watch as it is as good quality, if not better than most you will watch on Discovery, National Georgraphic etc,.

As for the director, keep your eyes open for his new production, “Lunar” the definition of the word in context says it all. The ‘insiders’ views, (nasa, etc,…..

For now, watch the greatest story ever denied, enjoy and you’re friends will be hearing about it from you:)

Ufo The Greatest Story Ever Denied



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