Snog – The Clockwork Man (Shinjuku Thief_RMX)

from the album The Clockwork Man (Non-Compliant Remixes in The Age of Obedience)

Remix by Darrin Verhagen
Additional orchestrations and vocal harmonies by Ben Keene
Text by James Corbett
Directed and animated by Luca Dante & Denby Smith
Edited by Denby Smith
Produced by Darrin Verhagen

Schmerck Industries – a leading global wellness brand – present a reformulation and rebranding of the highly acclaimed proprietary Compliance™ product line.
With the invaluable engagement of our corporate partners, gain creators and content generators (including the Snog and Metropolis groups of companies) this brave new frontier in electronic sound and messaging arrives clear and present on the contemporary Value Proposition Canvas.

Sound and Content – Content through Sound
Challenging concepts delivered through brand optimization, audio-pacification and sonic medication.

Ideas whose time has come.

With thanks to our corporate partners:
Aesthetic Perfection, Angelspit, Hi Freqs, Ross Healy, Oskar T. Oram, Ambassador 21, Black Line, End, Ryou Onishi, Shinjuku Thief, qDub (Hecq), Architect and Spiderface

Original recordings Produced and Recorded by Snog and Chris Arkley-Smith
Additional Production by Atom™

Track 1 remixed in Los Angeles, U.S.A
Track 2 remixed in Chicago, U.S.A
Track 3 remixed in Redland Bay, Australia
Track 4 remixed in Kyneton, Australia
Track 5 remixed in Berlin, Germany
Track 6 remixed in Minsk, Belarus
Track 7 remixed in Los Angeles, U.S.A
Track 8 remixed in New York City, U.S.A
Track 9 remixed in Kyneton, Australia
Track 10 remixed in Kyoto, Japan
Track 11 remixed in Glen Waverly, Australia
Track 12 remixed in Berlin, Germany
Track 13 remixed in Leipzig, Germany
Track 14 remixed in Coburg, Australia

Mastered by CMS Productions, Bruxelles
Original Artwork, Layout and Design by Richard Grant (I+T=R & Associates)

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Schmerck Industries – The Global Face of Happiness®



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