Sheeple of Amerika

“And he would know what’s best for me, and MY family, because he’s a doctor…
So we all got flu shots!”

Did you know that vitamins
and nutrients will be illegal
In the year 2010 if we don’t awaken the SHEEPLE

These globalists
are murderers,
they bout to hook it up
baby look it up!

They spray you from the sky
like roaches, does that shock ya?
Don’t worry, they got a pill
for you, ask your doctor.

Are your legs restless,
are you shy?
Forget the side effects,
not that many people die.

Genetically modified
foods are the bomb,
they gave lab rats cancer,
but please, don’t be alarmed.

Soon GMO foods
will be a staple,
The only thing you’ll
be able to put on
your kitchen table.

Their own documents
have shown,
‘No food shall be grown
that Monsanto don’t own.’

Worldwide, there ain’t
nowhere to run,
Thank the
World Trade Organization,
And the International
Monetary Fund.

We the SHEEPLE of Amerika,
Said we the SHEEPLE of Amerika,
we the SHEEPLE of A-m-e-r-i-k-a.

(background: sheeps baaah)

100+ of the world’s
wealthiest people meet,
every June to see to it
their plan is complete.

Prime Ministers,
Billionaire CEOs,
International Bankers,

Also known as
the young psychopaths,
who fawn over their elders
and give them charts
and graphs…

Pondering how to
reduce the population,
injecting our boys and girls
with poisonous inoculations.

mercury’s good,
at least the news will
tell ya that,
and they certainly should…

cause they’re owned by
the CFR, but who cares
about the Royal Institute
of International Affairs.

Jerry Springer’s on,
two transvestites are
about to fist fight…

(gibberish and sheep’s baaaahs made to sound like sarcastic laughing)

Meanwhile they’re making
plans for the Order
of the New World,
’bout to send the lambs
to the slaughter.

You think they care about
3000 American men,
women and children?
They ’bout to kill a
couple billion.

If you’re in the dark
my friend, you might
despise my words,
but you’ve had the wool
pulled over your eyes.


Collectively in a trance,
we like to dance,
and make romance.

To psychopaths
who tried hysteria…

We the sheeple of Amerika.

Much different from
that of your great Grandma,
say hello to your
new puppet,
Barack Hussein O-baaaa-ma.

The president don’t
run a thing, my dear.
You can stick an
intelligent orangutan
in there.

It wouldn’t mean a
daggone thing,
you’re owned
by Goldman Sachs,
get on your knees and
kiss the Queen’s big ring.

They took away your
vision with bling,
and in the land of the
blind, the one-eyed man
is always king.

In other words they got
the Republic by the throat,
your vote don’t count

They’ll never tell you where
you’re headed, you nerd,
A good shepherd never
sharpens his knives
in front of the herd.

That’s why you keep
your head down,
grazing in the grass,
before you know it,
now you’re in a
whole ‘nother pasture.

They keep you sucking on
the saccharin
and aspartame,
It’s eating your brain,
what a disaster.

Glued to the tube to see
what your favorite
star’s doing.
The corporate news is
faker than a cartoon.

Even Judge Napolitano said:
“You’re just a nation of sheep”.

Some get slaughtered,
some get fleeced.


(repeated until end)…

sheep baaahh



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