Through the years many prophets warned of consequences to societies if they did not change their ways… I consider Ron Paul to be THE most honest elected official currently holding an office. His message has not changed. Love him or hate him..he lives up to his word. In this video he also openly discusses Government vs Citizens in armed conflict….yet he refers to it as a bad idea…. (Special thanks to simpledan76 for the clip)…..

I started warning you all many years ago to start stocking up on survival supplies which includes freeze dried foods and water systems. Even though I was one of the only ones sounding the alarm bell, I felt it was very important because in reality it takes years to properly prepare for what is now about to happen. If you never listened before, now is the time. You want to be able to survive for one year which will allow you time to grow your first garden which will have to sustain you and yours until the next growing season. You were all warned……. and warned….. and warned….. and warned….. There will be no excuses for you to speak after it is too late……..


Mind, War Of Terror

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