Rather Die Than Be Your Slave

I do not wish this life to pass away
But life presents such possibilities – Each and every day
I heard a calling that was right for me
I prayed for strength for what’s a head of me – Please show me the way

The sun rose high and burnt the night away
Who stood before me was my enemy – Don’t tread on me
He’s come to take away my liberties
I’d rather die than be a slave to thee – Don’t treat me this way

      CHORUS: I’d rather die than be your slave


      I will survive, and you’ll feel my rage


      Its not a question of being brave


      I’d just rather die, than be your slave

It didn’t matter who shot first that day
They killed my brothers, they laid dead by me – I’m covered in their blood
We hit them hard we made them pay that day
We hung the traitors from the highest trees – No mercy from me

We lost a lot our pain was heavy
We sacrificed for GOD and country – No more colony
Still held the ground that was in front of me
This was our price to pay for liberty – Still you hear me say


Much time has past, we repeat history Our toys have changed while man has stayed the same – Evil in his ways
Tribal families rule not over me
I will not let them rape our liberties – We’ll die for them today



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