[verse 1]
Round up the illuminati all across the nation
subject them to a session of enhanced interrogation
subtract the information and give it to the people
illuminate their minds to the root of all evil

Put the international bankers up against a wall
load up the mini gun and proceed to kill em all
I’d like some politicians to get the JFK treatment
I mean, really, where’s a lone gunman when you need him

A false flag on the headquarters of the CIA
Blame the Mossad to get ’em both out the way
Feed the pharma tycoons chemo therapy
Steadily machete trees of thirteen families

Find out from where they run the aerosol spraying
Hit ’em with the barium, “fit to breathe” is all i’m saying
Every fuckin’ Rockefeller is bound to catch a bullet
Rig the UN building with some thermite and then pull it

[Chorus (2x)]
Check it out, it’s the Puppet Master Massacre
Turn it up and check if there’s a secret agent after ya
Find out what they did, look up where they live
Run up in their cribs and put a gun up in their ribs

[verse 2]
Even though Monsanto has been banned from Europe
Water board their CEO’s with high fructose corn syrup
The Federal Reserve will get what they deserve
When a hundred thousand people rushin’ in the Bilderberg

Construct a guillotine near the palace of the queen
Smoke em out their homes with their own brand of gasoline
Show the Bohemian Club what a real cremation looks like
When in mud July their forest is set a light

Pile up all the money and the bank notes ’cause they’re fake
And for the Rothschilds to be burned on at the stake
Let the pedophiles get raped by the demons they invoke
Put ’em in a wicker man and burn em in their cloaks

Put a hit on Redstone using Rothstein mob money
Hittin’ Kissinger with agent orange will be lovely
Freemasons will be facin’ bullets at initiation
As will Satan’s Council on Foreign Relations

[Chorus (2x)]

[verse 3]
Hack a predator drone, then attack the presidents home
Shatter the dome of Skull & Bones and the Club of Rome
Splatter them, catholic rapists at the Vatican
Trilateral commission we will be taking care of them

Molotov cocktails at the world bank
Drive up in the IMF with an Abrams tank
This is how we deliver death to different governments
As we set fire to the European Parliament

Overthrow the system and occupy the ministries
Excessive force on cops when taking back our liberty
Call me terrorist and psychotic homicidal
But this is what I call the French revolution’s revival

Medieval solutions on medieval institutions
Necessary executions for the revolution
Don’t think that your safe if I didn’t mention you
If you’re an evil puppet master you will get it too

I’ma find out what you did, look up where you live
Run up in your crib and put a gun up in your ribs
I’m saying how it is time to die you fuckin’ pigs
This is what you get for sacrificing little kids

[Chorus (2x)]
Check it out, it’s the Puppet Master Massacre
turn it up and check if there’s a secret agent after ya
find out what they did, look up where they live
run up in their crib and put a gun up in their ribs

[Sample: KRS One – Ah Yeah (Acapella) – “Buck Buck Buck, ’cause I don’t give a motherfuck.”]



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