Killer Mike – Pressure ft. Ice Cube

[Malcolm X]
Who are you?
You don’t know?
Don’t tell me negro
That’s nothing
What were you before the white man named you a negro
What was your name?
It couldn’t have been smith or jones or bush or powell
That wasn’t your name
They don’t have those kind of names where you and I came from
No what was your name?
And why don’t you now know what your name was then
Where was your history?
How did a man wipe out your history?
How did the man what did the man do to make you as dumb, as you are right now

[Killer Mike]
Mutha fuckas I just bought some new chuckas
The old ones bloodied up from stomping out ol’ suckas
Big bad killa
Big black gorilla
King kong on yo monkey ass niggas
Step and fetch fucky ass flunky ass niggas
Dick in the booty for them massa’ ass niggas
I don’t fear no man
Not Bush not Clinton not Osama
Ask your Uncle Thomas how he choose massa’ over Obama
You could have a million dollers and a white collar
Liberation costs more then a damn dollar
It costs what Christ gave
King gave
X gave
A billion dollars don’t make u an ex-slave
Nigga With an Attitude since fifth grade
I never behave
Rather be a dead man then a live slave

We can say what we like
Put the pressure on ’em
Ice Cube n Killer Mike
Put the pressure on ’em
I can do what I want
Put the pressure on ’em
But god dammit I’m a I’m gone
Put the pressure on ’em
Put the pressure on ’em
Homie put the pressure on ’em
Put the pressure on ’em
Homie put the pressure on ’em
Put the pressure on ’em
Homie put the pressure on ’em
Cause pressure bust pipes
Pressure bust pipes

[Ice Cube:]
I’m here to de-program you don’t forget what they made your great grandmama do
What they made your great granddaddy do
Without a dollar or a penny or a thank you
The same mutha fuckas wanna gank you
Cause they hate you and the pussy that you came through
Can anybody tell me that it ain’t true?
That these mutha fuckas ain’t out to hurt you
They’ll lock you up, beat you up and work you
Put your life on a thirty year curfew
Little cell little window for you to look through
Even gotta little chair where he can cook you
Nigga please I’m a be in the breeze
Eat em up with my plan like the Japanese
Now I’m over-seas
And I’m trappin’ these
Thank god I didn’t have to cock n squeeze


[Killer Mike]
Black politicians stop bull-shitin’
And u funky black preachers with your pulpittin’
Our kings had dreams and a big vision
All you give us is goverment and religion
Are you a freedom fighter or a school pigeon
Is you down for your people in the big mission
Or you a dirty nigga workin’ for fuckin’ a Clinton
Or a dirty nigga workin’ for fuckin’ a Bush
Another message for the politicians
Better get the police off our ass quickly
If another old lady die in this city
Swear to god we will burn down the fuckin’ city
Big schemes
Big dreams
Yea I’m with it folk
But twenty years of sellin’ dope is just a fuckin’ joke
And so what you the man with that white man
Probation got your answering to a white man


[Killer Mike]
God damnit the Red Dogs And Ramparts runnin’ rampent
These pigs going ham sammich
In New York killed a young brother
In Atlanta killed a grand mother
And politicians say save the planet
Fuck that save us damnit
From the black pigs helped ’em kill Sean Bell
I hope it’s five degrees hotter for your ass in hell
Race trading bastard you less than trash
I hope when jesus come back he murder yo’ ass
So you burn in hell till you burn white ash
To the one that say sorry tell em kiss our ass
We don’t need em mutha fucka you can keep it for yourself
I wish you nothing but pain and bad health
I hope luck run away from you and wealth
No honor in life no honor in death
You a Judas to us nigga kill yourself


[Malcolm X]
No negro leaders have fought for civil rights
They paid for civil rights
They have begged the white man for civil rights
They have begged the white man for freedom
And anytime you beg another man to set you free
You will never be free
Freedom is something you have to do for yourselves
And until the american negro let’s the white man know
That we are really really ready and willing to pay the price that is necessary for freedom
Our people will always be walking around and second class citizens or what you call twentieth century slaves
(What price are you talking about sir?)
The price of freedom is death



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