The Project for the New American Century is a think-tank founded June 3, 1997, by leading NeoConservatives, and published by the publisher of The Weekly Standard, William Kristol, son of NeoCon founding father Irving Kristol. These men and a few women, at least the first generation of them, most all worked on the staff of Sen. Henry “Scoop” Jackson of Seattle, a conservative Democrat with strong military tendencies, the leader of the so-called “interventionist Democrats”. They had in general been Jews of Eastern European origin, and had been Trotskyites on their arrival in the US in the 30’s and 40’s.

Though they changed their orientation from far Left to far Right during the 60’s, they kept the key distinctive of Trotsky’s political philosophy, the idea of Universal or International Communism, as opposed to Stalin’s idea of Communism based relative to a given state. See the Wikipedia article on Trotsky. This idea of imposing their ideas on the whole world is an inheritance from Trotsky’s vision.


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