Thanks for being patient everyone. I have a full time job and I’m on call for maintence emergencies. But when I’m home, I’m writing, making beats, rapping, mixing and mastering . It’s not easy with no training. Twilight zone hook: WE’RE LIVIN’ IN THE TWILIGHT ZONE they claim you have freedom, but they don’t honor it the world is a prison and you’re the occupant the governments useless and they’re incompetent and satanic pedophiles are prominent the things that you believe are the total opposite and being called called crazy is just a compliment its ran by the new world order conglomerate but there’s a storm comin’ and there’s no stoppin it v1: These crazy days that we live just cause me aches and pains lately my life is like a season of stranger thangs this place is flooded with demons and they invade your brains this is an artificial hell and they create the flames day to day, I just try to stay strong and make it through wake people up from their slumber, that’s what I came to do please don’t believe what you see on tv and think it’s true it’s all just targetted programming and it’s aimmed at you it’s everywhere, you’re gettin’ lied to and yet you barely care (x2) people with common sense are now very rare uhh! But the way that they brainwash you isn’t very fair they can shove that mind control programming up their derriere I do not consent to the way they tailor society ain’t no variety, plus I really hate when they lie me I use music as tool to release the anger inside of me you don’t how fuckin’ crazy it’s drivin’ me that v2: I ask myself “why do I even bother?” ‘cause people are just like sheep that are lining up for the slaughter if they’re killin’ rats with fluoride then why is it in the water? they’re usuin’ the news to fool us, divide us so they can conquer the longer you stay asleep, then the longer i’m gonna scream at you I can’t believe you let ‘em deceive you, it’s inconceivable I won’t stop until you wake up and do what you need to do this world is overran with an evil that is unspeakable most people don’t know so they just vote and pay taxes the devil hiding in the shadows and controllin’ their actions and they think that the earth is a spinning globe on an axis meanwhile, I don’t have anytime to devote to this madness I have nobody to relate to so I ride alone just me and all these wild thought that are inside my dome I feel like I don’t belong here and I can’t find my home got me trippin, always wishin’ it was different, but ODD TV / ODD REALITY ———————————————————————————————————- If you wish to donate to O.D.D: Paypal: Bitcoin: 3CgzSM65dbL3KM8GUuwgiyWDHvk3AbZ4x4 Bitcoin Cash: qp2ufts6eeyq8369slz8gys0vzq45l64yul28dy8kp Ethereum: 0xEdC21a0D35999893a39bF4011Ca957e079A6b0eb Litecoin: MG5CXc4bxHf1UNzJrXkMybLLps6D5rhT11 ———————————————————————————————————- Check out my Flat Earth and Anti-NASA T-Shirts and Accessories: TeeSpring: RedBubble:… ———————————————————————————————————- SOCIAL MEDIA: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: OTHER CHANNELS & VIDEO SITES: Backup YT Channel: Twitch: BitChute: DTube:!/c/oddtv Steemit: ———————————————————————————————————- #TRUTHMUSIC : O.D.D TV youtube music playlist: ‘Never Sleep Again’ album in 432hz (2017): DIGITAL iTunes: Amazon Music: Google Play: PHYSICAL STREAMING Spotify: Tidal: or FREE download if that’s better for you: ‘Living in Hell’ mixtape download (2016): My soundcloud page:… My Reverbnation page: Reverbnation:



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