O.D.D TV Banksta’s Paradise (Gangsta’s Paradise Remake) Truth Music… Remastered and fixed audio issues Toronto Mowrey youtube channel… Written by Toronto Mowrey & O.D.D TV Produced by ODD TV for upcoming album NEVER SLEEP AGAIN PART II Free download here:… Lyrics Toronto Mowrey verse Since Im in the position to be in your head for a min .. I thought Id mention how politicians are just in it for riches. Blue collared for 40 years and yet he cant get pension- But its 52 mil a day on some fake space mission. Money is in the wrong position. The wrong pockets and purses- Actually what the fact is that money is truely worthless. The purpose of printin money is to put deeper in debt to it- Yet lower class could spend their whole lives tryina get to it. And not profit two cent, As if loot was elusive. Tragic who we could lose when It happens to be reducing. Im guessin that my conclusion is Money make us act stupid. They divide wit it n conquer – And then continue to rule wit it. Cool as a cucumber. But we hungry like we some hostages They livin in paradise .while they keepin us where the monsters live.. Called the metropolis… And debt keeps it operative. And the money’s generated souly by the populace. Hook: We spend our whole damn life, trapped in a banksta’s paradise We keep spendin’ our whole life, livin’ in a banksta’s paradise ODD verse Money = Slavery – Slavery = Money Man, I hate livin’ this way, they’re taking my freedom from me it ain’t gonna be so funny when you find out the fact that you’re meant to be on the bottom, they designed it like that many people refuse to believe, but it’s actually all for real and the truth is there to see on the back of the dollar bill It’s a pyramid with an all seeing eye at the top letting you know that you’re a slave whether you like it or not they make the rules and we’re the ones that must obey, it’s not a mystery we’re kept in the dark and we’re kept away from our true history the system we live in uses humans to harvest energy so basically the Matrix is really a documentary FACTS! They live, we sleep and they love to buck us over, bang bang skeet skeet they take over your mind and they control you with their lies I just want you to open up your eyes Hook: Tell me why are we, so blind to see that there’s no such thing as freedom, when none of us are free? We spend our whole damn life, trapped in a banksta’s paradise We keep spendin’ our whole life, livin’ in a banksta’s paradise 1,2 – We are being lied to 3,4 – Time to go to [email protected] 5,6 – Don’t fall for their tricks 7,8 – Gotta stay awake 9,10 – NEVER SLEEP AGAIN!!!!!!! ODD TV / ODD REALITY ———————————————————————————————————- If you wish to donate to O.D.D: Paypal: Bitcoin: 3CgzSM65dbL3KM8GUuwgiyWDHvk3AbZ4x4 Bitcoin Cash: qp2ufts6eeyq8369slz8gys0vzq45l64yul28dy8kp Ethereum: 0xEdC21a0D35999893a39bF4011Ca957e079A6b0eb Litecoin: MG5CXc4bxHf1UNzJrXkMybLLps6D5rhT11 ———————————————————————————————————- Check out my Flat Earth and Anti-NASA T-Shirts and Accessories: TeeSpring: RedBubble:… ———————————————————————————————————- SOCIAL MEDIA: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: OTHER CHANNELS & VIDEO SITES: Backup YT Channel: Twitch: BitChute: DTube:!/c/oddtv Steemit: ———————————————————————————————————- #TRUTHMUSIC : O.D.D TV youtube music playlist: ‘Never Sleep Again’ album in 432hz (2017): DIGITAL iTunes: Amazon Music: Google Play: PHYSICAL STREAMING Spotify: Tidal: or FREE download if that’s better for you: ‘Living in Hell’ mixtape download (2016): My soundcloud page:… My Reverbnation page: Reverbnation:



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