New World Order by EMBED Sonic Weapons Protest Beats

New World Order
got us living in fear of a global Nuclear Fallout
were gonna phase out cash rewrite maps
make opposing armies doormats
Control your media
so dividing and conquering is expedient
entertainment and obedience
are among their chief ingredients and effective immediate
they’re trading places and faces
with foreign races and status there is no safe haven or oasis
unless you fought and made it
death on a cross and the star of david
paid for the cost and the masses you play with
because liberty’s light is fading

Meditation through ages and knowledge lost in ancient pages
eradication in stages the rise of the empire civilisation
with patience
overcasting frequency modulation on nations
diplomatic military statements
hunting down democracy evasion
Indoctrinated the population
you’re freedom traded
quit complaining you’ve been invaded and all you’re human right have been jaded
put your cards on the table
fight for your cause willing and able
evade the words of the devil
telling you that you’re a rebel
what freedom means to the average citizen
is not what the western world has given them
now its time for a lesson
date of 9 and 11 planes and demolition civilians shiver
a million barrels of oil to deliver fabricating a threat from the sinners and you get to play the law givers

Pyramid schemes myriad dream from the eagles nest they’ll consider your needs
preying on the masses with all seeing eye beams
satallites tracking you daily and nightly
and rightly so you’re a menace
trespass on my premise with malice
no more banners you’ll put on the palace
unless you keep your balance
so how far do you go for survival
eliminate your rivals getting tribal
Antagonise be wise conquer divide at the end be civilised
Our armies walk the world
what war is this
we’ll call it third
the people heard it is when you hear the words
world war four or fifth or worse



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