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This project began in October 2016 and concluded in May 2017. ODD TV is proud to present ‘Never Sleep Again’, which includes 10 full fledged songs for truth seekers by a truth seeker. All in 432hz. The idea of this album was to encapsulate what most of us go through, how we feel and the things we think about after we wake up to the world of lies and deception. Whether it’s genetically modified food, chemtrails, media mind control, secret societies or even the flat earth truth, O.D.D paints a vivid picture of this ODD reality via hardcore lyrical content. Thank you so much for your support. Let’s get this album out there for everyone to hear. Music is a very powerful medium for inspiration and stimulation of thought, which is why it has been a main tool for the elite to brainwash the masses. Let’s turn this tool around on them and take our minds back.

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00:19 01. Zombieland ft. Optimiztiq
03:40 02. Breakin’ the Law ft DLees
07:16 03. Illusions
11:49 04. Cartoon Ball
16:10 05. Take Me to the Stars
19:55 06. Never Sleep Again
24:31 07. The Matrix Has You
27:51 08. Prison for Your Mind
32:02 09. Burnin’ in My Soul ft. Nani K
36:40 10. Rise like Lions

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