MK-ULTRA is a rapper and producer from the UK. He believes in free expression and conveying truth and knowledge through his music. Having been an Electro producer for many years it is safe to say that MK-ULTRA’s grass roots are in heavy dance floor music which shows a clear influence in his HIP-HOP. MK-ULTRA is a member of an international HIP-HOP crew named ‘ELLAMENTZ’ which comprises of literally thousands of underground artists worldwide. The aim of ‘ELLAMENTZ’ is to convey positive, awakening and creative messages in HIP-HOP music through knowledge and wisdom’s gained through the study of ‘Esoteric’ knowledge and the search for self understanding and truth. The founder ‘Ralan (S.M.I.L.E) Docendi (CEO) of ‘Ralan Enterprises and the ‘WU-WATCHMEN’ (WU-TANG Affiliates). MK-ULTRA is signed to the international record label ‘Brikaza’ ( which boasts a plethora of fierce underground talent.

MK-ULTRA’s music is featured in the movie ‘BULLY’ by the WU-WATCHMEN and is also going to appear in the movie ‘Soul Detectives’. Both soundtracks are available worldwide.

MK-ULTRA was part of a mind control experiment since birth. He was tortured and indoctrinated through various mind control techniques to develop ‘multiple personality disorder’ so that his brain could be compartmentalized and programmed for certain tasks. He was trained as a remote viewer carrying out long range psychic attacks on government officials and high members of opposing secret societies. He was also trained as a deadly assassin to hunt and terminate opposing forces to the totalitarian agenda that created him. After the death of MK-ULTRA’s handler ‘Dr Ivan ‘von’ Schrecklegruben’ his programming started to undo itself which in turn restored his ability of independent thought and free will. He escaped from the facility in which he was held and became a rogue cell vowing to seek revenge on the program that created him by exposing their plans for world domination. MK-ULTRA is a crusader, an anti-hero and revolutionary. He uses the very same mind control techniques used on him to awaken the minds of the brain washed masses. FREE YOUR MIND 777

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