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Hey Guys!
I can’t believe I’m releasing my fourth music video right now! This is insane. What’s more insane is that you guys are here, watching and listening! I’m so blessed to have all your support. I would not be able to do any of this without you guys! Thanks for sticking with me. As an artist, I always push to put out versatile material. I have fun/carefree songs, but I also strive to write songs that are meaningful to me. I think it’s okay to have a balance, like all things in life. I believe all artist should stand for something and put meaning into their work. Mind Control musically and lyrically was constructed from a Music Video idea that I had. So in this whole process the video came first… weird I know. I wrote the song after I had the idea, so pressing publish to send this video out into the universe is surreal. Seriously though, it’s a crazy feeling! I hope when you all listen to Mind Control, you naturally dance and have fun but at the same time, be attentive to the lyrics. I want every listener to be conscious of their surroundings and always question everything. Educate yourselves as much as possible. I seriously love you all and pray that my art makes a difference. I hope you always strive to be happy and always, Be Strong, Be Someone You Love!

Until the next Song!

If you want to help out tweet a link of “Mind Control” to @anjulaacharia and let her know she needs to watch the video! :)

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Director: Arshad Aslam
Producer: Arshad Aslam, Sylvia Gunde, Luke Dejoras, Almas Aslam
DP:Luke Dejoras
Editor: Daniel Karp
Sound Design: Arshad Aslam
Cast: Beau Evans, Nick Teti, Jeremy Smith, Anastasia Stamatii
Dancers: Natalie Lyons, Jenn Nappi, Jonny Goodson, Elijah Cupino
Choreographer: Clarys Biagi
Stylist: Joey Thao and Arshad Aslam
Styling Assistant: Pang Lovanyi, Mimi Bui
Makeup: Juliet Juliet Bourgeois (Key), Dawn Trinh, Erica Kawai
Hair: Alex Thao
Production Designer: Arshad Aslam
Assistant Camera: Keenan Mock
Music Producers: Arshad Aslam, Sean Alexander & Tom Schleiter



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