Hello Sheeple, Although I’ve been a member of this forum for well over a year and an avid visitor for almost three years I assume I haven’t made enough of a contribution to begin a thread outside of the intro forum. What better way to promote new and engaging material I’ve recently finished working on. I’m a music recording artist/song-writer/ghost-writer from Austin, Tx. My primary genre is hip-hop/new-age based though I dabble in writing lyrics for various genres and cross-genre blend much of my work. Much of my material in my music is catered to the various individuals that represent the Truther movement. Through embracing self-empowerment and higher consciousness I believe in spreading a positive message in my music in order to open the minds and touch the hearts of my fellow man.

I recently had a YouTube video producer create a compilation video for me as visuals to one of the more unique tracks on my recent mixtape release, I Give… They Take… Chapter II. His user name is TragedyandHope and his work is excellent. I wanted to share this with all respected members of ATS in hopes they will do me the honor in sharing this video with their various social networks and truther forums. I do wish as many of you would flag this post and increase traffic for the video as well as exposure to my unique blend of music. If you’ll listen to the lyrics carefully and watch the various images TaH compiled to describe the song so cleverly, maybe you’ll appreciate the message I’m trying to spread. I really would like this video to go viral so any promotion of the youtube link would be greatly appreciated. I’ll be in touch for any questions, comments, suggestions, etc etc.

Through sharing ideas in a creative manner I believe we can increase the awareness in a more dramatic fashion, opening the eyes of the masses to the truth. For the sake of us as a species.

All my music can be heard and downloaded at my official website:…. Enjoy! Thank you all for your time!



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