“Martial Law” The Lost Children Of Babylon

Yo we living under martial law
The streets are confined to a police state
They passed the Patriot Act
Your projects turned into a concentration camp

[Verse 1]

Rest in peace to Sean Bell and every innocent victim
Who was murdered by the NYPD
Like Amadou Diallo who was crucified by them ?
And we can’t forget about Rodney King
Who was tortured and beaten by the LAPD
The CIA assassinated Dr. King and Malcolm X
The mass murderers of John F Kennedy, John Lennon, who will be next?
A right wing paramilitary secret agency
This is a different form of police brutality
The FBI watches us through the all-seeing eye
This is a state of emergency, 9/11 revisited
Who really took down the Twin Towers
Who are the real terrorists? Americans dressed up like ?
Big brother watches us through your cellulars, are you prepared
For the new world order, a one-world order
They want to implant microchips in your daughter
America is bitten by the venom of Great Britain, a satanic system
Controlled by reptilians

[Verse 2]

So keep your third eyes open, check it
Military action, the cemeteries packed with
People who died when the government started blasting
The New Orleans police were told to shot on sight
If men were looting just trying to hold onto life
Who cares if the levees broke, prepare to let the semis smoke
Infants floating face down, is there any hope?
Why didn’t the president show? Where was FEMA at?
The military policed the area, why they need a gat?
Men walk with Glocks, kill you like Anwar Sadat
Assassinate your character, now you can’t walk the block
The plans are demise, get rid of us the lower class citizens
Diminish our remembrance strip us of our religion it’s
The fear factor from now and here after
There’s hate in our eyes, can’t see or hear laughter
Martial law, bombs when you start your car
Army fatigues and a gasmask was all you saw
It’s off the wall, M16s with the triple burst
Some will show resistance, most will die, some were crippled first
Rise of the machines and that machine is the government
All the chosen ones will see peace, peep the covenant
And be prepared, most minds stay oblivious
To the signs and the times that we living with

[Verse 3]

POW concentration lockdown
Military brigade, get raid with them Glock rounds
Ain’t no cops now, just MPs in fatigues
In a wedge formation you was MC marines
Flack vests, kevla- coated steel soldiers real focused
Trained to search and destroy these decoy components
Habeas corpus codecs alimonious sacrilegious and felonious
The way puppet masters controlling us
Pulling strings to profit, prosper in their projects
Propose global control but that’s another process
Parallel and perpendicular, put it particular
People pulling political powers, the perfect picture for the
Rich and the famous but the poor and the dangerous
Get tossed in a 5 by 9, put in them chambers
Brainless, a slave stuck in a boat with strangers
Hangman with the noose waiting patient
Collateral damage to shatter the planet
When the masses mass-panic I’m blasting last standing
Running man ran stranded couldn’t stand it
These stone-cold souls that own everything we handed
Mayflower ship landed flipped abandoned
New world order fourth quarter like they planned this
Supreme domination in the cost of war
Lost Children of Babylon, this is Martial Law

[Verse 4]

When I first wrote they’ll kill y’all, sat just broke at the corner
Of Montana and 2 Avenue I seen my father
A lung-sucker’s being abused, he maced, erased sign of using their cellphone
Said call your mother, warn your mother
The MPs had him handcuffed while he was in his wheelchair
I stared amazed at this fucked up view that was the case
In the middle of the street for the beast to use
To throw the whole block’s families in for now
I’m on the loose with my Cs in the backseat
I roll the window down, niggas rock my wig from side to side
This is chaos, ? in the air
I’m coming through let’s ? clear the sidewalk, I’m doing 90
Made it to the highway trying to reach my wifey
But ah oh wait they got the cellphones blocked off
Then I’m locked in my car it’s her wailing
You know what happened baby, I’m at the rec center
With thousands of other women in prison
Our clothes have been ripped off, they feeding us slop and broth
I think they about to rape us, please come and save us
My dear, I’ll be there in a flash, I aimed the missiles last week
Before the ? went down, blast off on my countdown
A tent city meltdown
The mad kings found they’s about to be uncrowned

[Verse 5]

Mentally controlling the weak, overseers be patrolling the street
Combative peace keepers holding the heat
Extoling the Greek, fraternal order of the faggots
Feeding on the maggots of the corpses of the martyrs
Scorched the forefathers, dream of Freemasonry
Contempt for the east as they seek to eat insatiably
You wait to be labelled enemy combatant
Insurrection is consurging, you drink contaminants
Infectious agents in the currents
Water fluoridation in sixty-six percent of the nation
Sedation of your motivation and hard earned aggravation
Suppress your voice, they dealt your choice
Debate and meet the delta force
Like William Cooper meet your fate when Stormtroopers breach your gate
Seek define those that speak their mind
? of communication up with entertainment
And down with education, mass media stupificaiton
Imposed ignorance track your through retinal scans and finger prints
Sacrifice civil liberties for homeland security
Silenced through subversion, gun control is peace perversion
We’ve realised the lies of international ties
Constitution’s capsized, there is no free enterprise
Lady Liberty at gun point is forced to start undressing
If you’re not outraged must not be paying attention


Yo we living under martial law
The streets are confined to a police state
They passed the Patriot Act
Your projects turned into a concentration camp

Yo we living under martial law



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