Disl Automatic – Killuminati

People yelling ‘wake up’ but they’re still dreaming
They say ‘Killuminati’ but they don’t know the meaning
They took Pac’s saying way out of context
What he meant is that Illuminati shit is nonsense
He wasn’t saying we should kill anybody
He was saying we should kill that talk of Illuminati
Cause all it is is a bunch of hocus pocus
To make us feel powerless and shift all our focus
From the corporations and the corrupt government
To the secret societies and sacred covenants
That’s what they want so they don’t have to take you serious
They brush you off as a conspiracy theorist
I’m not saying that Illuminati isn’t real
But I feel it’s been fabricated into a bigger deal
Than it should be to blind us from the truth
With a theory for which they know we will never find the proof
So fuck theories I deal with real issues
There’s a war in the streets gotta keep the steel with you
The police will get you and lock you up for profit
Cause corporations got our government up in their pocket
It’s the same from the ghetto to the burbs
We are all slaves to the federal reserve
Consumerism got us all chasing rainbows
Loving a demon with the face of an angel
False prophets worshiping false idols
Fake peacemakers whose thoughts are homicidal
It’s not about the Bible, the Torah, or the Kuran,Christianity , Judaism, or Islam
It’s not about nations, race, color or creed
It’s about the need of elitist thieves to feed their greed
They say you got to vote if you want to make a change
Ha! That’s shit’s a joke, every candidate’s the same
They are all players in a political game
Different campaign but they got the same mind frame
It’s a damn shame, but every president’s a puppet
The only change we’ll see is when the revolution cometh
And trust cometh it will
My brain muscle I build
I get BIG spitting nothing but real
Lyricism and hiphop for the streets
DISL Automatic with Mickey Montz on the beat
I’m a dog off the leash
A God awful beast
I will chomp you to pieces, I’m a monster I feast
On these sucka ass rappers
Muthafuckas ass backwards
They’re saying it’s a movie well they must be bad actors
Every scene I see is dumb down and gimmicky
All these fake MCs I am shutting ’em down lyrically
I am scared of not one single one of you
I say it right in front of you
Now what the fuck you gonna do?
Not a damn thing
I’m a peaceful man but if you try to harm me and my fam I’ll let my hands swing
Blaow! Let the hammer ring
Only in self-defense
That’s not violence, I call it intelligence
Malcolm X flow, I step slow and move carefully
Never fearfully cause I know that God is here with me
Inside my soul
The lies that your eyes behold
On the television leave you blinded by the mind control
Programming, phone tapping with no warrants
Every move they make is a product of our ignorance
Money isn’t power, it’s not even wealth
The truest form of power is knowledge of self
And anything else is an ego based illusion
That leads us to confusion and the evil we’re pursuing
The people that we’re choosing to lead us have been abusing
The power that they were given, that’s the reason that we’re losing
And that’s why we need a revolution
Cause reform will never bring us real retribution
Destitution, we living in strife
Cause companies monopolize necessities of life
If you want to drink they say ‘fuck you pay me!’
If you want eat they say ‘fuck you pay me!’
If you want to breath they say ‘fuck you pay me!’
You thinking something’s free? Man you must be crazy
If you don’t got no money to give
Then die muthafucka! You don’t got the right to live
I guess that’s why they say ‘you got to earn a living’
And when you make a fortune they say that you made a killing
And that’s true cause many people have to die
For a few to get a slice of the American pie
I said, many people have to die
For a few to get a slice of the American pie! Muthafucka!



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