The Mass is fail
It was jailed in a stomach in a bastard well
Who prevailed over the hell of the dragon when he cast his tail?
Since the slave trade in the Trans Atlantic
Mans been granted grace until Allah’s judgement spans the planet
It ain’t hard to recognize the enemy
Who you say you are is nothing to me, words prove identity
With typical non-etherial spiritless individuals
Habitual partakers in Babylonian rituals
Unrighteous acts be flipping you like fraction reciprocals
The nature of the original we abandoned those who are miscible (we abandoned those who are miscible)
At the time so integral and pivotal
We need to focus on the God and try not to deviate from being spiritual
The Serpent was in the garden and the light of the sun (yeah)
Not a snake but a man with the characteristics of one
So understand no matter what you believe
The best way to avoid deception is to know that you can be deceived
The man had sprung you to his land and beat you and hung you
It’s the Satan of the Bible and the Quran living among you
They told you about a hell that burns hotter than the sun do
But after knowledge comes you’ve discovered that it was untrue
It’s evil institutions and ungodly solutions
The cross you wear was used as a tool for execution
They claimed to be Christians but they set it on fire
How could you honor something that was used to kill the Messiah?
They say that you would go to heaven, when you die and leave here (here)
But the earth is a sphere that already sits in the atmosphere
To keep you in bondage ya not worth for damn (damn)
But Elijah reverses the scam of the curse of ham
I know a nature; I’ve been try’na to rise above it for years
Money’s not the root of all evil, the love of it is
The real Devil is right behind you, how fast can you run?
He replaced his white sheet, with a badge and a gun!
In aware to spun and kill the plants seed of the war
Close our mental door with ignore the needs of the poor
The procedure was tedious, centuries in deceiving us
Histories of previous people not heeded and repeated us
In a snakish manner, he lies when his eyes see the camera
I seen him fiending for blood in Jena, Louisiana
They poisoning our hoods to breed and weed us out
We attempting suicide every time that we leave the house
Treated the Black man, lower than canine in a kennel
And made us believe that our condition was accidental
All we do is sing songs, we done suffered to long
Look at they world and look at yours and tell me something ain’t wrong
Blacks falsely characterized in America’s eyes
But now the rest of the world is getting wise to America’s lies
The Devil quickly waves his wand and negativity responds
When the Black man wants to be sworn in with his hand on the Quran
How can they contradict the basics, of they own foundation (hypocrites)
When the White races who founded this nation were Masons
Masons who studied Islam and secret societies
But not original so they couldn’t receive all the degrees
Slave owning presidents, who played the role of divine
The constitution was never designed with Black people in mind
George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, straight down the line
All the way to Bill Clinton and Bush in the present time
Blood spill, in a skill was placed on the Great Seal
It’s start coding the revile on the back of the dollar bill
He deceives the whole world and lies to the whole nation
Through his wicked interpretations on his main news station
FOX (FOX) represents the number of the beast (beast)
Resolute the three letters you’ll find a six in each (each)
F is the sixth letter in the alphabets mix (mix)
O is the fifteenth, one plus five equals six (six)
X is the twenty-fourth, that’s six number three (yeah)
Satanic messages fed to us over the TV
Put us to sleep with new forms of mental slavery
Cause if you knew the real God you would instantly be free
From The Serpent!



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