Illuminati — The Music Industry Exposed

The video “Illuminati — The Music Industry Exposed” is almost two full hours of mostly reading text on the screen so I didn’t get through the whole thing because I do have something of a life. And also, it’s largely about Eminem, and ain’t nobody got time for that. But there are some interesting (and ridiculous) points to this video that I will discuss.

Ever wonder why there are so many references to “making it rain,” “umbrella-ella-ella-ay-ay-ay-ay-ay,” and the “rain man”? Because it’s the Illuminati taunting you about their devil worship, silly. Hollywood created the movie Rain Man as a reaction to all this so the common person believes their favorite artists are singing about a Dustin Hoffman movie about Autism. No, really. They make that claim.

The video alleges that DMX is the way his is today because he betrayed the Illuminati. Just ask him. Don’t worry, the producers of this video already did. He’s got a lot to say on the subject but it’s highly doubtful that you care about any of it because it’s DMX. They also allege that Tupac and Michael Jackson were set up by the Illuminati, which to me is a bit more plausible. Also, they both died on the 25th day of the month along with Aaliyah, James Brown, Dean Martin, Eartha Kitt, and Left Eye; so something is clearly afoot because numerology!!! It’s a thing. Also, bad things happen in threes, including celebrity murders by the Illuminati.

The heavy emphasis of Eminem is too much for me, though. I could give two shits if Eminem is a member of the Illuminati, the KKK, or the local Blockbuster. Eminem’s angry and frustrated lyrics are reflections of his life, as they always have been. And although I personally find it grating and annoying, some might call it art.

Because of the high production value of this video and the allegation that Michael Jackson was sacrificed to Satan because he dared to interpretative dance defiantly in the “Black or White” music video, I am going to give this one a B+. Not because I believe it, in fact, it’s total bullshit, but it seems like bullshit that these people truly believe. They definitely take the offhanded remarks made by some artists way too literally. Just because the formerly evangelical Katy Perry says she “sold her soul to the devil” doesn’t necessarily mean she meant it in a literal sense. However, the image from the “Umbrella” video of Rihanna crouched down in a triangle with her body creating the image of the devil’s face is freaky. That alone is worth seeing.

People love to conspire on some shit they can’t readily and fully explain: the assassination of JFK, 9/11, and most recently the Sandy Hook tragedy have all been scrutinized to death. And it makes sense some small-minded people might need to make the so-called “cult of celebrity” into a real cult to justify the influence that we allow these few people to take in our lives. However, in these videos there is a lot of logical fallacy at play. They present a lot of correlation, but not a lot of causation.

But the thing is, there really is an actual celebrity cult with honest, out-in-the-open members, doing legitimately crazy shit — under the guise of religion. Scientology, you guys?  Come on!  We need to be focusing our critical energy on what is going on there rather than during Beyonce’s Super Bowl performance.



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