How Smart Meters Affect Your Body

Killing You Softly With Your New Smart Meter… Do You Notice?

Folks there is only one direction your health will go with your new smart meter… down…

There appears to be a connection with smart meters and a deterioriation with human health.  Please take a few minutes to watch this very important video… be alert… and take note of the smart meters… a noticeable drop in health may be due to this harmful technology… take particular note with those already suffering health problems including heart conditions, BEFORE smart meters… because their symptoms since the smart meter may be worse… even possible death… if you or a loved one recently had a death in the family… please look closer… and see if there is a smart meter connection… look for connections with depression, hearing loss, cancer or downward tumbles in pre-existing health conditions, and more, since your smart meter was installed… in ths video, there is added valuable information on cell phones and cell towers.



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