THEY are so proud ( the white house ) that unemployment was down ONLY 4tenths of a percent from 9.0%UN employment to 8.6 ooooooohhhhhhhhh such a big decrease ya right. just what obama needs (after all he needs all the help he can get running against Ron Paul) so that he can say the economy is starting to turn around but we still need to make more sacrifices . you’ll see yet they continue to lie to all of us because when you take into account the real unemployment #’s our unemployment rate is probably closer to 15.5% and im being conservative just like the federal reserve they will not tell you who got all the bail out money they will also not tell you what the real unemployment is because the really fear you finding out and really getting angry and waking up and responding even faster that before . i think it’s time we had a total cleaning of ALL THE HOUSES WHITE SENATE AND CONGRESSIONAL AND REALLY TURN THINGS AROUND AND GET RID OF OUR CEREMONIAL CONGRESS AND SENATE AND GET REAL PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT AFRAID TO STAND AGAINST THE LOBBYIST AND THE NEW WORLD ORDER.!!!

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