Forced Fluoridation – Something in the water & beyond

‘Fluoridation is the greatest case of scientific fraud of this century.’ – Robert Carlton, Ph.D, former EPA scientist, 1992

For decades, water fluoridation has been implemented throughout various parts of the world, including New Zealand, the United States, Canada and Australia.

From tap water to toothpaste the unofficial story of fluoride reads nothing short of a psychological thriller. Dating back to the 1920s it has ties with members of the Ruling Elite, Nazi and American research experiments, major corporations and the US military-industrial complex.

In short, fluoride is a highly toxic industrial waste bi-product, extremely costly to responsibly dispose of; therefore a solution had to be discovered, a solution involving profits more than pay-outs. When fluoride became affiliated with dental hygiene the problem was solved, a potentially dangerous substance became a commercially viable asset.


Putting aside fluoride’s more dubious connections and focusing upon water fluoridation in general still raises concerns. One major crux surrounding fluoride usage is the basis that calcium fluoride, a naturally occurring substance, is frequently meshed amongst the marketing spin as a means of justifying the use of its toxic rivals, hydrofluosilicic acid (a bi-product from making phosphate fertilizer) the most commonly used, and sodium fluoride (a waste product of the phosphate and aluminium industries.


How many people are actually aware of the natural and artificial variants relating to fluoride and the specific types being added to drinking and bathing water remains unclear, but if my conversation with the Fluoride Information Line (F.I.L) was anything to go by, few people, in this case regional Victoria, enquire about fluoride’s origins and what it is they are actually ingesting each time they turn on their tap.

This is what Victoria’s F.I.L had to say about the story of fluoride:

‘Fluoride was discovered by an American dentist, who noticed people with teeth that were mottled and discoloured but resistant to decay, and (how) in a nearby community they had much higher decay rates, so he found the source, the water was different, it had fluoride in it, and it was obviously too high, that’s why the teeth were discoloured and by putting fluoride in the water their actually mimicking the natural way of having fluoride in water supplies, but if we put it at a low level it can still provide a dental benefit but not cause discolouration.’

I have no doubt the vast majority of people associated with Victoria’s water fluoridation program are completely unaware of fluoride’s sordid past and genuinely believe it serves for the betterment of public dental health.


Not surprising, when you consider how fluoride has become so indelibly etched into our psyches; the mere mention of the word instantly invokes associations with toothpaste, tooth decay and oral hygiene in general. This grand scale feat in mass persuasion can be traced back to the likes of Edward Bernays and other master manipulators in Public Relations.

Since the 1950s, television screens have emitted extensive advertising campaigns featuring euphoric, fresh-faced smiles smearing a thick fluoridated paste over their shiny pearly whites. Imagery of this nature has helped make fluoride the household name it is today.

Another endearing aspect the water Fluoride Information Line discussed is that by introducing fluoride to public drinking water allows any person, regardless of their socioeconomic status, the right to have access to preventative measures in dental hygiene. True, nobody should be denied the right to adequate health care, although when it comes to water fluoridation the general public don’t get a choice, it is a decision already made on our behalf. Instead, a package arrives providing a glossy brochure boasting all the wonderful benefits water fluoridation has on offer.


The concept of ingesting fluoride from public water supplies to be absorbed via the gut to make teeth more resistant to acid attack seems a rather roundabout way of actually getting to the source, then again, I am no medical or fluoride expert. This idea may have been convincing during the 1950s but would it really hold credence today if placed under through public scrutiny and independent research? There’s an abundance of scientific studies and data in favourable support of water fluoridation, however, there’s also a great deal of conflicting data to go along with it, especially if you are willing to delve a little deeper.

The F.I.L clearly stipulates the amount of fluoride added to the public water supply is in ‘such small amounts’ (optimum level reaching 1 part per million, also known as 1mg/L) and that fluoride has an ‘accumulative effect,’ in other words its effectiveness becomes more apparent as it continues to reside in various parts of the human body. They suggest around 50% of fluoride is permanently stored in bones and teeth, with the remaining 50% excreted, and ‘no fluoride remains present in soft tissue or blood.’

This view contradicts those who strongly believe fluoride does in fact accumulate in the human pineal gland and has been known to lower melatonin production in animals.


The pineal gland is located around the centre of the brain and is approximately 5-8mm in size. Conventional science assigns the pineal gland where essential hormones melatonin and serotonin are produced.

‘Hey, Mum – There’s something in the water and it’s making me dumb!’

DEES - Dumbed Down

Others adhere to the view the accumulation of fluoride in the pineal gland is why the bulk of the population is supposedly becoming increasingly apathetic, depressed, and dumbed-down, in other words, a society of comatose zombies.

Pineal Gland

Ancient religion and esoteric tradition have long associated the pineal centre, the psychic counterpart of the pineal gland, one of the seven major psychic centres located throughout our being. Alternative views suggest fluoride accumulation leads to a type of “psychic blockage” greatly reducing our psychic perception and our connection to the “big cosmic picture.”

Regardless, fluoride may help reduce tooth decay, but as far as being of benefit to other parts of the body where it allegedly resides, does its so-called pros outweigh the cons?

Personally, I would strongly advise appropriate bodies re-examine sanctions relating to the abundant production of chemical-laden junk foods plaguing Western culture and rapidly encroaching upon healthier eating habits once associated throughout other parts of the world.

Despite all the convincing rhetoric supporting water fluoridation and fluoride in general, it remains a heated issue which definitely warrants further enquiry.

Fluoride is only one of a myriad of potentially harmful substances which bombards the human organism both internally and externally on a daily basis. This can leave one feeling overwhelmed when it comes to trying to counterattack this daily toxic assault. While total elimination is virtually impossible, we do have some choice in taking preventative steps in trying to minimize exposure.

In the case of fluoride, reverse osmosis filters can be fitted for the removal of fluoride and other chemical nasties. Some manufacturers sell fluoride free water toothpaste.

You can also contact your local council, water provider, or fluoride information centre where applicable, to find out about matters relating to water fluoridation in your district.

We may be losing civil liberties at an alarming rate, however, we each still have a voice, all we have to do is be willing to use it.







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