Fuck illuminati


They wanna take me out
They wanna do me in
They want my location
They wanna zoom in
So in case I don’t make it
Get Tuned in
Get all your information
Get tuned in
Fuck illuminati
Get tuned in
Fuck illuminati
Get tuned in
Fuck illuminati
Get tuned in
They want ya soul
Not your body it’s a revolution

Verse 1:

The teachers don’t teach us
About the world leaders
Secret societies take oaths
To deceive us
And preachers don’t preach
About the high priest being
Apart of these societies
Fuck mafia wars
This is deeper than Gotti
It’s the global elite
Lucifers illuminati
33rd degree Masonic nazi’s
They put it in our faces
The devil is so cocky
The eye in the sky on the
One dollar bill
All seeing eye of Horus
This devil shit is real
Goes back to Babylon
In the bible concealed
They called Osiris God
Yea the real Nimrod’s
Bloodlines of the Pharos
Traveled on for years
Through all the kings and the queens
Over all these years
This shit goes back to Egypt
The pyramids the secrets
The lies open your eyes
I want you to see this


Verse 2:

Your a skeptic or
An atheist at that
Don’t believe in the devil
I’ll just state the facts
The prisons are filled with
Latinos and blacks
Obama passed a bill
To build concentration camps
So who’s got questions
Just ask FEMA
Half a million caskets
Outside Atlanta
They manufactured crack
And HIV jack
Full blown AIDS yea
They manufactured that
Bayer Asprin made pills
For hemophiliacs
Patients contracted HIV
By the stacks
In the U.S. they straight
Pulled it from the racks
Turned around a sold it
To Germany and France
These are the Facts
This shit is so real
If AIDS wasn’t made
How’d it get in that pill
Cancer in our food
Fluoride in our water
9/11 set the stage
For a new world order

Verse 3:

Still a skeptic
Or a patriot at that
You got faith in our
Country like a true democrat
Fuck the Statue of Liberty
I state the facts
They cancelled our liberties
In the patriot act
So they can lock me up
For makin this track
In guantonimo bay for
The way that I rap
See they made these laws
In case we fight back
Cus our countries bankrupt
The economy collapsed
And when the middle class
Get wind of that
Well they gonna wanna revolt
Their gonna want civil war
Their gonna wanna fight back
I’m tellin you
This shits gonna get crazy
Some will be locked up
In they’re fuckin FEMA camps
Some will stand up
strap up and fight back
Revolutionary war yea
that’s the right track
But genocide is their plan
and we can’t fight that
Oh it’s like that
Yea that’s how it be
So listen to me
The truth will set you free
And if I don’t make it
If I don’t make it
See through they’re hatred
Set yourself free




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