Published on May 24, 2019
End of the Tunnel (final version) from upcoming album ‘Never Sleep Again Part II’ Written and produced by ODD TV. Tony Mac on the hook with O.D.D TV & K-Rino rippin’ the verses Free download:… Lyrics: HOOK: every single day we’re being led astray and lied to and I don’t think there’s anyone that hates it more than I do trapped inside the system and I’m caught up in the struggle One day I hope to see the light at the end of the tunnel I feel like I’m alone and no one knows the things I know There’s nobody to talk to and there’s nowhere I can go trapped inside the system and I’m caught up in the struggle One day I hope to see the light at the end of the tunnel V1 ODD TV We the sheeple, hear no, see no and speak no evil we get lied to so much,… it’s seems normal to be deceitful we’ll never be treated equal and I wanna know why rich people start all the [email protected], but only poor people die Just take a look, it’s so easy to see the system is rigged by degenerate pigs, targeting our innocent kids they start programming you just as soon as you exit the womb now money is your God, you must obey and consume always practice conformity, stay within the majority never think for yourself and do not question authority man, I still can’t even believe this is the way that they have us I’m taking my chances, I have to try and wake up the masses can’t get away from the madness, but still I’m tryin’ my best and as long as I’m still alive I will fight ‘til the death We cannot let this be the end, it’s now or never, sink or swim the time has come for the great awakening, never sleep again V3 ODD TV It’s 20-19, but it feels more like 1984 our rights are fading away, everyday they’re taking more It’s time to stand and take action, what are we waiting for they’re waging [email protected] on humanity, this we can’t ignore My brain is sore from all the lies that they constantly feed us elitists that follow the phoenix can swallow a pen15 and we’re not gonna stop until we know all of your secrets the Bible says in our final days our knowledge increases That is exactly what’s happening now on this challenging road that we’re traveling down We have to rowdy, we have to get loud and keep spreading the truth and just pass it around You work like a slave and you live in a loop, they’re turning your sky into chemical soup I’m always watchin’ these videos often like Richie From Boston to give me the scoop Waking the world up, dispensing the truth like a Dr that’s handing red pills to everyone what in the world are they spraying up there in the air? It’s aluminum, lithium, barium but nobody notices, nobody cares, everyone’s greedy and nobody shares I wanna help you, you’ll be in my prayers, but now we must separate wheat from the tares ODD TV / ODD REALITY ———————————————————————————————————- If you wish to donate to O.D.D: Paypal: Bitcoin: 3CgzSM65dbL3KM8GUuwgiyWDHvk3AbZ4x4 Bitcoin Cash: qp2ufts6eeyq8369slz8gys0vzq45l64yul28dy8kp Ethereum: 0xEdC21a0D35999893a39bF4011Ca957e079A6b0eb Litecoin: MG5CXc4bxHf1UNzJrXkMybLLps6D5rhT11 ———————————————————————————————————- Check out my Flat Earth and Anti-NASA T-Shirts and Accessories: TeeSpring: RedBubble:… ———————————————————————————————————- SOCIAL MEDIA: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: OTHER CHANNELS & VIDEO SITES: Backup YT Channel: Twitch: BitChute: DTube:!/c/oddtv Steemit: ———————————————————————————————————- #TRUTHMUSIC : O.D.D TV youtube music playlist: ‘Never Sleep Again’ album in 432hz (2017): DIGITAL iTunes: Amazon Music: Google Play: PHYSICAL STREAMING Spotify: Tidal: or FREE download if that’s better for you: ‘Living in Hell’ mixtape download (2016): My soundcloud page:… My Reverbnation page: Reverbnation: K Rino grand deception K-Rino Flat vs Globe…



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