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War Pigs – Black Sabbath

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War Pigs" Generals gathered in their masses Just like witches at black masses Evil minds that plot destruction Sorcerers of death's construction In the fields the bodies burning As the war machine keeps turning ...

ROBOTS – Bilal

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Bilal - Robots Say, yeah, yeah, yeah Say, yeah, yeah Wake up to bow down To the almighty dollar, pay your homage again Boxed in, so get down Buried, now you're livin' underground Do you wish you could be am...

Stimulus, the Debtors Lament

316 Views0 Comments the 3rd release from the upcoming album "Pitch Black" by Flo White.

Z-Big Picture – Payday Monsanto

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Payday Monsanto - Z-Big Picture full version Zbigniew Brzezinski Payday Monsanto - Z-Big Picture - Zbigniew Brzezinski plus "my gang" not on the new album but maybe the new , new album...

Change The Prophecy – LESS-ON

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Lesson - Change The Prophecy - HD Powerful Music Resistance Music Truth Music A Killuminati Movement Download Full Song Buy Less-on's Full Single On ITunes Now http:/...

I See It All – “Less on” – Banned

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Truther Rapper "Less on" I See It All !!! (HD) Hook: Our Congress Is Being Bribed, The Media Is A Lie, Entertainment Got Us Controlled So Its Gone Be Hard To Survive, They Replacing The Currency With Something Cal...

The Red Pill – Less-on

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Less-on - The Red Pill - HD Get this song on today: Buy Less-on's Full Single On ITunes Now: Off His Highly Anticipated...


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Official video for Marcel Cartier - Yes We Did (Obama's Theme) Obama's a baby killer, a child murderer send him to the Hague right now, that's so urgent bruh lock him up with Bush, Cheney, Condi Rice Colin Powel...

AmBushed (Never trust a Bush unless it’s Burning)

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AmBushed by Conspirituality [Watch in HD] Never trust a Bush unless it's Burning. [Gemineye] People are always asking me "Yo, Gemineye, what's your angle? Are you a devil or an angel?" And I say, "Both" As I c...

Guerilla News – Genocide

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Genocide - Made in Bosnia on iTunes @ Genocide - Classified Intelligence on [email protected] Genocide - Made in Bosnia on Amazon @ http://w...

The 4th Branch – Immortal Technique

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Immortal Technique - The 4th Branch (Lyrics) Immortal Technique - The 4th Branch (Lyrics) off the "Revolutionary Vol. 2" album 2003 The new age is upon us And yet the past refuses to rest in its shallow grave Fo...

Spike In My Veins – Korn

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"Spike In My Veins" (feat. Noisia) We are the ones taking all the pain Falling on our faces They don’t care anyway Anyway, now You’re the one that makes me feel like I’m alive You’re the one that pushes me al...


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LOWKEY - OBAMA NATION (OFFICIAL VIDEO) - BANNED [Intro:] This track is not an attack upon the American people It is an attack upon the system within which they live Since 1945 the united states has attempted to O...

Disney, MK Ultra and Children! Oh My…

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Learn the connections between entertainment giants like Disney, the military industrial complex and intelligence agencies, along with some of the nefarious MK Ultra techniques once inflicted on some of today's biggest...


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LOWKEY - TERRORIST? So, We must ask ourselves, What is the dictionary definition of “Terrorism”? The systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion But what is terror? According to the dictionary I h...

Hypnotize – System Of A Down

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The Cause of Death – Immortal Technique

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Immortal Technique- The Cause of Death Immortal Technique Revolutionary Volume 2 Yeah, broadcasting live from Harlem, New York Let the truth be known.. [Verse 1] You better watch what the fuck flies outta ya m...

Endgame – Megadeth

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Megadeth Endgame Music Video "Endgame" Attention! Attention! All citizens are ordered to report to their District detention centers! Do not return to your homes; Do not contact anyone! Do not use any cellular ...

Seven Nation Army – The White Stripes

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The White Stripes - 'Seven Nation Army' "Seven Nation Army" I'm gonna fight 'em off A seven nation army couldn't hold me back They're gonna rip it off Taking their time right behind my back And I'm talkin' to m...

Fuck NWO – KELEVERA (Czech Republic)

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Found @


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MARCEL CARTIER FT. NANA D - RIGHT TO REBEL (PRODUCED BY AGENT OF CHANGE Official video for Marcel Cartier Ft. Nana D - Right To Rebel (Produced by Agent of Change) Subscribe here to never miss a GlobalFaction vide...

Call the Cops – Rob Hustle ft. Bump

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Smoke Screens – R-Kadia ft. Grim Glitch

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Artist: R-Kadia ft. Grim Glitch Song: Smoke Screens Smoke Screens Lyrics Verse 1 Its more then bloody sickening, the world that were living in countries get exploited for a super powers privilege kill the...

New World Order – SO OUT THERE

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New World Order Music & Video by SO OUT THERE (ft. Speak and Spell) To celebrate YouTube (finally) going High Definition Widescreen, I've re-cut my New World Order video to show off this 16:9 stereo quality: ...

New World Order – EMBED Sonic Weapons Protest Beats

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New World Order by EMBED Sonic Weapons Protest Beats New World Order got us living in fear of a global Nuclear Fallout were gonna phase out cash rewrite maps make opposing armies doormats Control your media so d...


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NEW WORLD ORDER - RAKIN NIASS FT. MOHAMMED YAHYA Official video for Rakin Niass & Mohammed Yahya - New World Order Subscribe here to never miss a Global Faction video - ...

The Kovenant – New World Order

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Track 2 - New World Order from the Animatronic (1999) album.

I Think I’m Ben Bernanke (sole)

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I Think I'm Ben Bernanke (sole) Directed by John Wagner From the Free Mixtape "Dispatches From The American Fall" available @ The song itself is about the history of America's long decline, beginning...

I Think I’m Noam Chomsky (sol)

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I Think I'm Noam Chomsky The first "political" book I read in Cali was the Noam Chomsky book on 9-11 and that was my introduction to his work. When the towers fell I wanted to understand WHY anyone would do that, an...

I Think I’m Emma Goldman – Sole & DJ Pain 1

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No Wising Up, No Settling Down drops May 1st on Black Canyon Music, pre-order at Directed/Produced By Franklin Lopez for Submedia TV Photography By Pat Boyle Lyrics: So...

Fuck Google – Sole & DJ Pain 1

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FTP Talks Denver presents, "Fuck Google" By Sole & DJ Pain 1. Get "Pattern of Life" EP, free here: get CD Here:

Fuck Alex Jones – Sole & DJ Pain1

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Sole & DJ Pain1 "Fuck Alex Jones" Filmed by Skyrider / Edited by Sole Get Warfare EP: Preorder DEATHDRIVE LP here:

Disturbed – Land Of Confusion

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Chicago, Illinois metal band Disturbed has successful mixed aggressive riffs and vocals with a melodic approach to form a winning formula that has earned the band a large following. Disturbed has sold over 10 million ...

Come To Daddy – Aphex Twin

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Aphex Twin - Come To Daddy (official video) 1080p HD I want your soul, I will eat your soul. I want your soul, I will eat your soul. I want your soul, I will eat your soul. I want your soul, I will eat your...

Right Here, Right Now – Fatboy Slim

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Right Here, Right Now by Fatboy Slim Order 'Eat Sleep Rave Repeat' on iTunes: Subscribe now - "Right Here, Right Now" Right here, right now Right h...

NO Monsanto PAYDAY MONSANTO #Monsanto Video Revolt

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Something’s Got To Give – Beastie Boys

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Music video by The Beastie Boys performing Something's Got To Give. (C) 2009 Capitol Records, LLC I wish for peace between the races Someday we shall all be one Why fight yourself This one's called rectify Ther...

When The Man Comes Around

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JOHNNY CASH - When The Man Comes Around "And I heard, as it were, the noise of thunder. One of the four beasts saying, 'Come and see.' and I saw, and behold a white horse"There's a man goin' 'round takin' names, And...

Cult Of Personality – Living Colour

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Living Colour - Cult Of Personality "Cult Of Personality" Look in my eyes, what do you see? The cult of personality I know your anger, I know your dreams I've been everything you want to beI'm the cult of pers...

Run Away – Real McCoy

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Real McCoy - Run Away (Video with Lyrics) Run away, Run away, run away and save your life. Run away, run away, run away if you want to survive. Run away, Run away, run away and save your life. Run away, run away, ...

Stay Ready – HED (PE) ft The Dirtball

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Stay Ready - HED (PE) ft The Dirtball "Stay Ready" Hit this lil homey let me get this Word out to the mentally gifted The truth hurts but I cant keep a secret Peep this shit cuz the government leaked it "I a...

Bohemian Grove & the NWO – HED (PE)

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HED (PE) - Bohemian Grove and the New World Order When will you open up your eyes By the time it's almost over you... Get up, get up, fight!Announcing the birth of the new world order as pronounced by the seers of...

A.D.D. (American Dream Denial) – System Of A Down

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System Of A Down - A.D.D. (American Dream Denial) Download "HQ" version: Lyrics: We fought your wars with all our hearts You sent us back in body parts You took our wills ...

Open your eyes – Immortal Technique

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Open your eyes - Immortal Technique We're here because of you We're here because you were there We've arrived from every corner of the planet to this nation to seek the fulfillment of a promise of America We were ...

We’re In A Lot Of Trouble – Chris GEO

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We're In A Lot Of Trouble verse 1: YOU took the mark of the devil just so you can eat and breathe bowed down at their feet and surrendered liberty tyranny and terror corrupted dictators posing as your leaders...

Globe Holders – Wise Intelligent – Illuminati & The New World Order

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Wise Intelligent has had the most success as a solo artist, releasing solo albums Killin' U... For Fun in 1996 and The Talented Timothy Taylor in 2007.[3] The group didn't return until 2001, when they dropped the rare...


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Official video for Skriblah - Belly Of The East Subscribe here to never miss a GlobalFaction video - Taken from my debut album "The Little White Dot" OUT NOW on iTunes h...

“The Grand Deception” K-Rino

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K Rino - Grand Deception Hello, my name is munozandre and I am the original creator of this video. I loved this song so much that I decided to put together the visuals it. I'm very shock at the response and copying...

They Live – Tribute Music Video

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A music video featuring several great scenes from the oh-so-underrated 1988 movie "They Live", directed by John Carpenter, in which the world is taken over by aliens that can only be seen through specially designed su...

Muse – Uprising

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Muse - Uprising Paranoia is in bloom, The PR, transmissions will resume They'll try to, push drugs that keep us all dumbed down And hope that, we will never see the truth around (So come on) Another promise, a...

Take A Bow – Muse

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Take A Bow - Muse Corrupt You're corrupt Bring corruption to all that you touch Hold You behold And beholden for all that you've done And spin Cast a spell Cast a spell on the country you run And risk You w...