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Chris Geo Remix – Fuck Jay-Z Run This Town – BANNED 666X

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Jay-Z Run This Town - Chris Geo Remix Featuring Sheree aka Sociostudent Jay-Z Run This Town - Chris Geo Remix Featuring Sheree aka Sociostudent MP3 download link: Free Th...

ILLUMINAZI – Tay.G – Political Hip Hop About the Illuminati

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Track from Tay.G's next mixtape, "Illuminazi", that breaks down the rise of the New World Order from Babylon and beyond, as well as their overall plan of world domination and the destruction of mankind.

illuminati – Prodigy

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(Fan talking) Ohh, yo, ohh shit man, what up dunn? Yo where've you been at man? Yo we need you man You gotta put out that knowledge Kick that street knowledge G Please man, you got that drugs I need my fix of t...


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WISE INTELLIGENT "ILLUMINATI" VIDEO Illuminati, you've come to take control You can take my heartbeat But you can't break my soul We all shall be free [Verse 1] Lucifer Son of the morning, shalom, good day goo...

Killuminati – Disl Automatic

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Disl Automatic - Killuminati People yelling 'wake up' but they're still dreaming They say 'Killuminati' but they don't know the meaning They took Pac's saying way out of context What he meant is that Illuminati sh...

Lane Boy – Twenty one pilots

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They say, "stay in your lane, boy, lane, boy" But we go where we want to They think this thing is a highway, highway But will they be alive tomorrow? They think this thing is a highway If it was our way, we'd...

Heathens – Twenty One Pilots

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All my friends are heathens, take it slow Wait for them to ask you who you know Please don't make any sudden moves You don't know the half of the abuse All my friends are heathens, take it slow Wait for them to a...

HeavyDirtySoul – Twenty One Pilots

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[Verse 1] There’s an infestation in my mind’s imagination I hope that they choke on smoke cause I’m smoking them out the basement This is not rap, this is not hip-hop Just another attempt to make the voices stop ...

Fairly Local – Twenty One Pilots

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I’m fairly local, I’ve been around, I’ve seen the streets you're walking down, I’m fairly local, good people now. I’m evil to the core, What I shouldn't do I will, They say I’m emotional, What I want to save I...

Tear In My Heart – Twenty One Pilots

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twenty one pilots: Tear In My Heart An-nyŏng-ha-se-yo Sometimes you gotta bleed to know That you’re alive and have a soul But it takes someone to come around To show you how She’s the tear in my heart I’m a...

The Judge – Twenty One Pilots (Live at Fox Theater)

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[Intro] Na-na-na-na, ooh-oh Na-na-na-na, ooh-oh Na-na-na-na, ooh-oh [Verse 1] When the leader of the bad guys sang Something soft and soaked in pain I heard the echo from his secret hideaway He must've forgo...

Knights Of Cydonia – MUSE

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"Knights Of Cydonia" Come ride with me Through the veins of history I'll show you a god who Falls asleep on the jobAnd how can we win When fools can be kings Don't waste your time Or time will waste youNo one's...

End Of Days – Vinnie Paz

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Vinnie Paz – End Of Days Origional Music Video! (15 y.o. fan made) The greatest form of control is when you think you're free when you're being fundamentally manipulated and dictated to. One form of dictatorship is b...

Alien Technology – HI-LO & ALOK

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HI-LO & ALOK - Alien Technology is OUT NOW on Heldeep Records! Like this track? Download on Beatport or add it to your favorite Spotify/Apple Music playlist by clicking HERE:

Talk – Coldplay

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Oh brother I can't, I can't get through I've been trying hard to reach you, cause I don't know what to do Oh brother I can't believe it's true I'm so scared about the future and I wanna talk to you Oh I wanna talk...

Trump Train (Official Music Video)

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This is the Official Music Video of the Trump Train Produced and Edited by Let's make this video viral! Subscribe to our Channel To support Gorilla Radio and optimize your own health, check ou...

TRUMP HYPE – Donald Trump Song

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TRUMP HYPE - Donald Trump Song WATCH UNTIL THE END!!!!!!! 🇺🇸 THIS SONG IS ON SPOTIFY & APPLE MUSIC!!! 🇺🇸 ►Spotify: ►Apple Music: htt...


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Donald Trump Dance Never Come Down

Japanese Donald Trump Commercialトランプ2016

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Peep the track "Our Glorious Leader" on iTunes & on Spotify! ---- ---- snapchat: mike_diva --------- Get the shirt a...

Donald Trump Rap [Unofficial Music Video]

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MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN Directed By @HellaSatisfied Purchase "Mike Dece - Donald Trump" on iTunes Here: Produced By Caleb Stone

In the Hall of the Mountain King – Edvard Grieg

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When People Laughed At The Idea Of Trump Actually Being Elected President! [Compilation]

Truth Rising – Hed PE

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Hed PE - Truth Rising Music Video for Truth Rising performed by (hed) p.e. from the album Truth Rising. Directed and Animated by Joey Nugent. © 2011 Suburban Noize Records Are you ready for the truth? Give me t...

New World Orphans – HED (PE)

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"New World Intro" "You had better wake up and understand, that there are people who are guiding your life and you don't even know it. And all American citizens I think, have suspected something like this has been g...

Everythang’s Corrupt – Ice Cube

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Ice Cube - Everythang's Corrupt Everythangs corrupt, everythangs fucked up Everythangs by the bout' to buck me shit out of luck Verse 1: Go to school, the teacher wanna fuck the students Go to church, my preach...

Everything Is Under Control – SNOG

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SNOG - Everything Is Under Control Think tank blink and you're chained to excess Mesmerized, brutalized into silence Broadcast news prefabricated views, for a tribal sub-set And everything is under control You...

WikiLeaks: the truth is out there – feat. Hillary Clinton vs Alex Jones

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WikiLeaks: the truth is out there - feat. Hillary Clinton vs Alex Jones [RAP NEWS 6] thejuicemedia 111,930 1,573,228 views Uploaded on Dec 17, 2010 Cablegate ...

Deadly Rain – Alais Clay

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Alais Clay - Deadly Rain Born in 1985 in Barranquilla, Colombia & raised in Miami, FL, Alais Clay brings an extremely unique female voice to hip hop that you would not expect from the sweet, soft spoken soul you ...

Alais Clay – Cut The Ties feat. GhostRyder & Steve Grant (w/ LYRICS)

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Alais Clay - Cut The Ties feat. GhostRyder & Steve Grant (w/ LYRICS!!) New music video by Alais Clay featuring GhostRyder & Steve Grant.... WITH LYRICS!!! From Alais Clay's upcoming album, 'End of an Era'...

Never Sleep Again | ODD TV | Full Album | Lyrics | 432hz Truth Music

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Clean Version Here: This project began in October 2016 and concluded in May 2017. ODD TV is proud to present 'Never Sleep Again', which includes 10 full fledged song...

Prison for the Mind – ODD TV (Fastline Remix)

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Written by ODD TV, check out his original mix here Check out ODD Reality Remixed and reproduced by Fastline V The Video is a re-edit of a video by OD...

Broken Monitors – Matt G

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Hello Sheeple, Although I've been a member of this forum for well over a year and an avid visitor for almost three years I assume I haven't made enough of a contribution to begin a thread outside of the intro forum. W...

1999 – Prince

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Prince's official music video for 1999 Listen to your favorite Prince tracks, all in one place: Spotify: Apple Music:!1999 Shop Prince: https://Prin...

New Year’s Eve – MØ

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MØ - New Year's Eve Why do some things stay the same when some don't You said we'll stay around over, no, we know we won't I'm a gross teenager trapped in a grown-up shape Need someone to clean off the mess I've made...

Christmas In Hollis – RUN-DMC

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RUN-DMC - Christmas In Hollis (Video) More Christmas hits here: Run-DMC's official music video for 'Christmas In Hollis'. As featured on Run-DMC: Greatest Hits. Click to buy th...

I am Santa Claus

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I am Santa Claus Ho ho ho ho ho Flying Through the snow Can you hear him ho ho ho He's so full of cheer Only has to work one day a year Children in their beds Visions of sugar plums fill their heads So many ki...

MasonicTV’s Merry Satanic Christmas

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The MTV spot looks like your average Lame Stream Media pandering Christmas-related promo — until you look a little bit closer. Then you see that it’s really a commercial for the Devil! The Nimrod Tree - NIMROD - LOR...

The NSA Is Coming to Town

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The NSA Is Coming to Town Join the fight: When asked about the NSA’s mass collection of Americans’ phone records, Donald Trump said, “I support legislation which allows t...


73 Views0 Comments presents PTP's single for his upcoming album 'FIRESTORM OF DISCUSSION' . OBEY (STAY ASLEEP). You need to wake up to the control system of a society we live in. Expand your mind, open your third eye. ...

Reptilian Renaissance – Dj Muggs y Sick Jacken – subtitulado español

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Dj Muggs y Sick Jacken - Reptilian Renaissance - subtitulado español Dj Muggs (de Cypress Hill) , Sick Jacken y Cynic - Renacimiento Reptil - Subtítulos en castellano. Álbum: The Legend of The Mask And The Assass...

FAMOUS – Kanye West (Woke in Sac 11/19/16) & 5150 involuntarily detained

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Here’s A Full Transcript Of Kanye West’s Sacramento Concert Speech Once he finished, West canceled the rest of the show and all remaining tours. By Nikita Richardson Last night, attendees at the S...


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"RULE" - BLOODED THE BRAVE Born 2 Rebel EP: The latest release from Blooded the Brave is the 80's inspired EP "Born 2 Rebel." This project will take you on a journey through s...

NWO Global Resistance ~ Chris Geo

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Music by Chris Geo free downloads:

Take Our Freedom Back – Band of Patriots

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Band of Patriots - Take Our Freedom Back! Music Video Band of Patriots - Take Our Freedom Back! Music Video PLEASE SHARE THIS VIDEO! Download the MP3 at http://BandOfPatriots.US Take action with fellow Patriots ...

Don’t Worry About a Thing – O.D.D TV

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ODD Reality Published on May 11, 2019 Free Download: Lyrics: Hook You’re wondering what life’s about and what it really means? Nothing’s what you though...

Twilight Zone – O.D.D. TV

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Thanks for being patient everyone. I have a full time job and I'm on call for maintence emergencies. But when I'm home, I'm writing, making beats, rapping, mixing and mastering . It's not easy with no training. Twil...

Monsters – Blooded the Brave

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MONSTERS- Blooded the Brave "You are what you claim. To the Monsters in the media and entertainment industry: Good always prevails over evil." Special thank you to all those involved i...

End of the Tunnel – O.D.D TV (Feat. K-Rino & Tony Mac)

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Published on May 24, 2019 End of the Tunnel (final version) from upcoming album 'Never Sleep Again Part II' Written and produced by ODD TV. Tony Mac on the hook with O.D.D TV & K-Rino rippin' the verses Fre...

End of the Tunnel – O.D.D. TV

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ODD Reality Published on May 24, 2019 End of the Tunnel (final version) from upcoming album 'Never Sleep Again Part II' Written and produced by ODD TV. Tony Mac on the hook with O.D.D T...

American Trash – InnerPartySystem

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Music video by Innerpartysystem performing American Trash. (C) 2011 Red Bull Records, Inc. "American Trash" I've got this planet in my hands You know I'll waste it if I can Come on let's give it a twist And if ...

I KNEW I WAS RIGHT! – ChronicVibe

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I KNEW I WAS RIGHT! - ChronicVibe More truth tunes to awake the Sheeple! "Knew I Was Right" (Verse one) Its like my whole life I knew I was right lost in the struggle while the world powers huddle in a...

De-Platformed – Alex Jones Folk Song (BANNED FOR LIFE) First Amendment Stolen

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Alex Jones claims he's being silenced as bans push him to alternative platforms Removals from Facebook, YouTube, Spotify and Apple haven’t slowed his posting, but the Infowars founder is appealing t...