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"BURN" - KILLER MIKE Go figure: Somebody named Killer Mike is angry. The politically-tinged clip mixes up tons of stock footage to punctuate this figurative (maybe) call to arms. Check out the video that was banned f...


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“I’m Obama” ~ Rucka Rucka Ali

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"I'm Obama" ~ Rucka Rucka Ali This is JOKES :D iTunes link: All Rucka videos at Rucka on Twitter: Rucka ...


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"ILLUMINATI" - LOCKSMITH Annuit Coeptis Novus Ordo Seclorum scribbled on his back as he orchestrated a forum Of high treason his eyes bleeding his mind fleeting protected by the branch in His right claw feeding. Ea...

“Prison” – X Clan Feat. Christian Scott

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X Clan Feat. Christian Scott - "Prison" Brother J of The X Clan returns with a powerful message about the trials of incarceration and the prison industrial complex. Featuring Christian Scott on trumpet. From the late...

“Reagan” – Killer Mike

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Killer Mike - "Reagan" (Official Music Video) Our government has a firm policy not to capitulate to terrorist demands. That no-concessions policy remains in force, despite the wildly speculative and false stories abo...


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"RULE" - BLOODED THE BRAVE Born 2 Rebel EP: The latest release from Blooded the Brave is the 80's inspired EP "Born 2 Rebel." This project will take you on a journey through s...

“Terrorist Threats” Ab-Soul

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Ab-Soul "Terrorist Threats" ft. Danny Brown & Jhene Aiko (Official Video) [Intro: Ab-Soul & Jhene Aiko] Wicked as Aleister Crowley, you niggas know me Wicked as Aleister Crowley, you niggas know me Kic...

“The Grand Deception” K-Rino

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K Rino - Grand Deception Hello, my name is munozandre and I am the original creator of this video. I loved this song so much that I decided to put together the visuals it. I'm very shock at the response and copying...

“Unicorn Zombie Apocalypse” – Borgore & Sikdope

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"Unicorn Zombie Apocalypse" - Borgore & Sikdope   Download "Unicorn Zombie Apocalypse" now: Beatport: iTunes: The official music video for "Unicorn Z...

“Young” – Hollywood Undead

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We are young! But we have heart Born in this world as it all falls apart We are strong But we don't belong Born in this world as it all falls apart I see the children in the rain like the parade before the pai...

#WaveOfAction – Anonymous – Worldwide Wave of Action Starts Today!

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Anonymous ~ Worldwide Wave of Action ~ #www Reform is the light that never comes. Tyranny reigns. Revolution is all we have left... This video was created in support of the Anonymous call for a Worldwide Wave of Acti...

‘God is Dead?’ – Black Sabbath

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Black Sabbath - 'God is Dead?' Lost in the darkness I fade from the light Faith of my father, my brother, my Maker and Savior Help me make it through the night Blood on my conscious And murder in mind Out of th...

‘Ron Paul Revolution’ MTV’s Aimee Allen

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'Ron Paul Revolution' MTV's Aimee Allen Message from Aimee to Millions of Ron Paul September 1st-3rd GOP Rally & Minneapolis St. Paul Convention Supporters: "I never wanted the Ron Paul video to star me. Th...

(War!) in a World Gone MAD – Beastie Boys ft. Edwin Starr

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Beastie Boys ft. Edwin Starr - (War!) in a world gone mad WARNING! This video contains drastic and disturbing material! I suggest to show it to stupid rednecks who're still thinking that war is pretty fun and the o...

11-11 by Tiller Wills

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11:11 by Tiller Wills 11:11 - Lyrics: I guess there's been some things on my mind so...Fuck president Barack Obama, fuck his office, fuck his Cheshire cat grin, fuck his promise, fuck all the politicians, fuck cong...

16 Tons

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Tennessee Ernie Ford Sings 16 Tons Some people say a man is made outta mud A poor man's made outta muscle and blood Muscle and blood and skin and bones A mind that's a-weak and a back that's strong You load six...

1999 – Prince

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Prince's official music video for 1999 Listen to your favorite Prince tracks, all in one place: Spotify: Apple Music:!1999 Shop Prince: https://Prin...

21st Century Digital Boy – Bad Religion

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Bad Religion - 21st Century Digital Boy "21st Century (Digital Boy)" I can't believe it, the way you look sometimes Like a trampled flag on a city street, oh yeah And I don't want it, the things you're offering me...

21st Century Slaves

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Some 215 million children are laboring for survival. "The grim reality for many children is they do not have the opportunity to play, to learn," he said. "They are trapped in child labor. We want to focus attention...

33 Degree Masonic Government Mashup

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Thievery Corporation 33 Degree Masonic Government Mashup I'm the president of the shadow government The grand governor of the federal reserve Public enemy of the society The one you cannot see The 33 degree Before y...

A Christmas F*cking Miracle – Run The Jewels

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[Verse 1: El-P] That was me in BK on Atlantic Never looked both ways, ran in traffic Pops went away but I stayed, vagrant Placed where the steel and cement became nature Love what you did with the place, it looks...

A.D.D. (American Dream Denial) – System Of A Down

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System Of A Down - A.D.D. (American Dream Denial) Download "HQ" version: Lyrics: We fought your wars with all our hearts You sent us back in body parts You took our wills ...

Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked – Cage The Elephant

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Ain't No Rest For The Wicked - Cage The Elephant "Ain't No Rest For The Wicked" I was walkin' down the street When out the corner of my eye I saw a pretty little thing approaching me She said I never seen a m...

Alais Clay – Cut The Ties feat. GhostRyder & Steve Grant (w/ LYRICS)

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Alais Clay - Cut The Ties feat. GhostRyder & Steve Grant (w/ LYRICS!!) New music video by Alais Clay featuring GhostRyder & Steve Grant.... WITH LYRICS!!! From Alais Clay's upcoming album, 'End of an Era'...

ALIEN – Die Antwoord

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DIE ANTWOORD ft. The Black Goat ‘ALIEN’ (Official Video)   [Chrous] I am a alien No matter how hard I try I don't fit in Always all on my own, sad and lonely All I want is for someone to play with me [...

Alien Abduction – Cruz DurrtyJada

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Cruz DurrtyJada - Alien Abduction [2012] {Music Video}   [Intro]: Fears It's has a magnetic field human... (static) ...on brains Every solar body Has a powerful magnetic substance called magnitud...

Alien Abduction – John Ainsworth

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John Ainsworth - ALIEN ABDUCTION John Ainsworth Follow my journey on Facebook! - I do not claim to own the UFO footage. This is a free video

Alien Technology – HI-LO & ALOK

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HI-LO & ALOK - Alien Technology is OUT NOW on Heldeep Records! Like this track? Download on Beatport or add it to your favorite Spotify/Apple Music playlist by clicking HERE:

Aliens – The Return of Dr. Octagon

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The Return of Dr. Octagon - "Aliens" [Kool Keith] What am-what am-what am-what am I gonna do when the aliens get here? Oxygen is powered up enough fuel at landscape 2.7 in the cockpit, chemicals ride from Saturn ...

AmBushed (Never trust a Bush unless it’s Burning)

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AmBushed by Conspirituality [Watch in HD] Never trust a Bush unless it's Burning. [Gemineye] People are always asking me "Yo, Gemineye, what's your angle? Are you a devil or an angel?" And I say, "Both" As I c...

America Living on the Edge – Aerosmith – BANNED & LOST TO THE INTERTUBES

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America Living on the Edge - Aerosmith "Livin' On The Edge" There's somethin' wrong with the world today I don't know what it is Something's wrong with our eyes We're seein' things in a different way And God...

American Dream Denial

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System Of A Down - A.D.D. (American Dream Denial) We fought your wars with all our hearts, You sent us back in body parts, You took our wills with the truth you stole, We offer prayers for your long lost soul. ...

American Hollow Sheeple of the Future – Zionist Space BANK$

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Zionist Space BANK$ - American Hollow Sheeple of the Future CLASSIC CONSCIOUS CARTOON FROM 1950'S

American Trash – InnerPartySystem

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Music video by Innerpartysystem performing American Trash. (C) 2011 Red Bull Records, Inc. "American Trash" I've got this planet in my hands You know I'll waste it if I can Come on let's give it a twist And if ...

Amerika – Rammstein

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Rammstein - Amerika We're all living in Amerika, Amerika ist wunderbar We're all living in Amerika, Amerika, Amerika Wenn getanzt wird, will ich führen, Auch wenn ihr euch alleine dreht, Lasst euch ein weni...

Amerika – Ramstein

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Ramstein - Amerika Refrain: We're all living in America, America is wunderbar. We're all living in America, Amerika, Amerika. When I'm dancing, I want to lead, even if you all are spinning alone, let's exerc...

Angel – Massive Attack

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Massive Attack - Angel You are my angel Come from way above To bring me loveHer eyes She's on the dark side Neutralize Every man in sightLove you, love you, love you ...You are my angel Come from way aboveLove ...

Angel Duster – Run the Jewels

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Download/Stream "Run The Jewels 2": Buy vinyl: Directed & Edited by Ryosuke Tanzawa To celebrate the one year of anniversary of RTJ2, this video encap...

Annihilation – A Perfect Circle

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"Annihilation" From dehumanization to arms production, For the benefit of the nation or its destruction Power, power, the law of the land, Those living for death will die by their own hand, Life's no ordeal i...

Annihilation of the Evil Machine – K-Rino

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Track 2 from Disc 1 off the album "Annihilation of the Evil Machine" by K-Rino (2010). If you wish for more quality Hip-Hop like this then support K-Rino and the underground movement. He doesn't receive backing fro...

Another Brick In The Wall – Pink Floyd

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Pink Floyd - Another Brick In The Wall (HQ) We don't need no education We don't need no thought control No dark sarcasm in the classroom Teachers leave them kids alone Hey! teachers! leave the kids alone! All ...

Anti NWO Illuminati Bildergebger Reggae Music Video

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Anti N.W.O,Illuminati,Bildergebger, Reggae Music.(Video) Reggae Band Steel Pulse`s Song About the Illuminati.

Anti-Illuminati – Vendetta Kingz

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Are You Interested – COG

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Are You Interested - COG Caught in the thick of it Eye in the pyramid Force fed and sick of it Caught in the thick of it Eye in the pyramid Force fed and sick of it Yes they're making lists of people intere...

B.Y.O.B. – System Of A Down

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WHY DO THEY ALWAYS SEND THE POOR! Barbarisms by Barbaras With pointed heels. Victorious, victories kneel. For brand new spankin' deals. Marching forward hypocritic And hypnotic computers. You depend on our prot...

Ballad of a Dead Conspiracist | Anti New World Anthem (2015)

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Free Download: Lyrics: Lately, I've been feelin' kinda like I wanna new deal I wish I could go back, I accidently took the blue pill Everything is crazy but I wanna know...

Banksta’s Paradise – O.D.D TV

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O.D.D TV Banksta's Paradise (Gangsta's Paradise Remake) Truth Music Remastered and fixed audio issues Toronto Mowrey youtube channel

Banksters – Blooded The Brave

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BLOODED THE BRAVE - BANKSTERS   "They own your reality and control your salary." - #BANKSTERS [Music Video]   "BANKSTERS" {Free Download Link} Dedicated to ...


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Official video for Skriblah - Belly Of The East Subscribe here to never miss a GlobalFaction video - Taken from my debut album "The Little White Dot" OUT NOW on iTunes h...

Bergschrund – DJ Shadow – feat. Nils Frahm

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Mass Appeal Published on Dec 14, 2016 Download/Stream "The Mountain Will Fall": DJ Shadow has unveiled a new visual for his Nils Frahm-assisted single “Bergsc...