Species Of Aliens Revealed UFO Disclosure Paul Hellyer
Paul Hellyer Names 5 Species Of Aliens and UFO Disclosure
This took place between 4/29/2013 and 5/3/2013
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Paul Theodore Hellyer, PC (born 6 August 1923) is a Canadian engineer, politician, writer and commentator who has had a long and varied career
Paul Hellyer, former Minister of Defense of Canada reveals:
– Some ETs Species who have visited and still visit Earth: Zeta Reticuli , Pleiadians, Orions ETs,
– Tall Whites living on US Air Force Property
– CABAL: Military Industrial Complex, Builderbergs, Cartels
– Shadow Governments, Ruling Elite, Rockefellers, Bush etc.

Extraterrestrial Issues Species Of Aliens Revealed

On 3 June 1967, Hellyer flew in by helicopter to officially inaugurate an unidentified flying object landing pad in St. Paul, Alberta. The town had built it as its Canadian Centennial celebration project, and as a symbol of keeping space free from human warfare. The sign beside the pad reads:
“The area under the World’s First UFO Landing Pad was designated international by the Town of St. Paul as a symbol of our faith that mankind will maintain the outer universe free from national wars and strife. That future travel in space will be safe for all intergalactic beings, all visitors from earth or otherwise are welcome to this territory and to the Town of St. Paul.

In early September 2005, Hellyer made headlines by publicly announcing that he believed in the existence of UFOs. On 25 September 2005, he was an invited speaker at an exopolitics conference in Toronto, where he told the audience that he had seen a UFO one night with his late wife and some friends. He said that, although he had discounted the experience at the time, he had kept an open mind to it. He said that he started taking the issue much more seriously after watching ABC’s Peter Jennings’ UFO special in February 2005.

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