[Hook: Reef the Lost Cauze] (x2)
This is Black Ops, I ain’t talking about Xbox
This is war with drugs and gangs and black cops
Watch your back or end up with your back shot
In Philly it feels like we playing a game of Black Ops

[Verse 1]
Gun shots burst and hit a fiend, your enemy’s curses
Many things are not guaranteed but death is certain
In the bushes in all black is an insurgent
Strapped with a bomb to his person waiting to hurt shit
The street level surface is filled with workers goin’ shirtless
Trained in the weapons of torture
And the oppressed just live with it
It sounds like Iraq or maybe a Palestinian village but
If you change just a few details you see Hell
It’s in the same streets that we dwell
Where they hardly spar, they get their arms to call?
Mask on like Mardi Gras and leave you harshly scarred
It is God we call from when there’s no answer it’s arms we draw
Hit a house from the dogs of war, this the place where you meet death
You can’t stop the game, there’s no reset


[Verse 2]
Revolution in the hour of black steel, raps filled
With the plague attack from the black hills
Storming the Bastille with a bat to smack grills
Selling sex, death, guns, crack, pills, your last meal
All that’s up for grabs, cops with batons
Got their foot all up your ass
Hear the blast when that thing crash up the ave
It’s just a game, no winners, we all come in last
Helicopters in the hood to remind us Hell’s upon us
The light shines in the manhunt the hood Osamas
And their baby mamas hiding hoping they don’t find them
But the black Black Ops swarmed on em like piranhas
There’s no glory to be found, no honour
Kill or be killed or beg for mercy from your honour
It’s sad fam but the facts stand
It ain’t too difference for an American black man or a brother who’s Afghan




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