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Lately, I’ve been feelin’ kinda like I wanna new deal
I wish I could go back, I accidently took the blue pill
Everything is crazy but I wanna know the truth still
I look around this place & think “If I don’t do it, who will?”
But everybody is a motherfuckin’ theorist
If you really want some knowledge, then you gotta the clearance
Never judge anything by it’s appearance
Man, turn the news off, all it is is interference
Brainwashed from the time you were born
You belong to the system when your mom signs the form
Now you’re caught in the eye of the storm
Everything seems calm but it’s time that you’re warned
Illuminati isn’t something just to joke about
People tend to ridicule the things that they don’t know about
So let me say one thing before I’m goin’ out
F#%K ALL THE SECRET SOCIETIES, yeah, without a doubt

I’m starting with the lighter stuff first, ’cause you’re not ready for it
Soon they will reveal the truth themselves and then you can’t ignore it
I’m really sick of the secrets, man, I’m not standin’ for it
Shine a f#%kin” light on these bastards and always camrecord it
We can’t afford to let these motherf#%kers dominate
The future of our children’s on the line, we gotta contemplate
It’s time to concentrate on power we can confiscate
The stuff that’s being done to us is nothing we should tolerate
You’ve been conditioned in some ways, in which, you’re unaware
You’re so used to getting lied to, you don’t f#%kin’ care
You’ll even go as far as telling others nothing’s there
Talkin’ so much sh!t, you should cover your mouth with underwear
Got my people believing lies and I can’t stand to look
All the wars, all the pain and all the damage took
We should hit the culprits with a truck and the book
But how are we gon’ change when we can’t even fix Sandy Hook



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