Track 2 from Disc 1 off the album “Annihilation of the Evil Machine” by K-Rino (2010).

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[Verse 1]

Years before I ever existed
The war between the sadistic and the realistic had been predicted
The balance of the world’s power shifted
When artistic control was given to the wicked and lifted from the gifted
When I was born a female mystic
Insisted she entered the room leaned over my forehead and kissed it
Inside me my assignments were listed
I was never told this ’til I was older fearing the risk that I’d resisted!
The first composition I ever composed
Triggered a conscious thought probe that the mystic had enclosed
I folded in an agonizing pose
When it was over I would hold the keys to expose the motives of the soul
Meanwhile on the same side of the globe
A slow-going entity drove the masses to ignorance overload
I stayed inside my reclusive mode and although this was strange
I still didn’t complain though I blatantly noticed the change
I started having recollections
Nostalgic reflections of things that ignited mental resurrections
Now every audio visual object we digest
Contributes to this gradual degenerative process
Nonetheless I wasn’t under stress
I just rested in convalesce, sharpened my talents to soar beyond the best
Fell asleep it felt like something was being put on my head
I woke up and saw two individuals at the foot of my bed

One said, “Listen K-Rino you’ve been chosen to fight
The deadly force that germinated and rose in the night
All the knowledge that you’ll need I’ll expose on this flight”
‘What’s up with this paralysis? ‘ “You’re frozen in light”
‘Well can you unfreeze me?
And please be quick about telling me the reason why you come to seize me’
He said, “I’m sure you heard of the machine
Well we’ve convene concerning its destruction and we’ve chose you to lead the team
Folks are going to die, you have no choice so you better comply!”
I said, ‘I was no one special, I’m just a regular guy!’
He said, “That’s a lie you were born for this never deny!”
I looked in his eyes and said, ‘Okay man whatever I’ll try’
Two seconds later I went from my room to on the craft
Inside the lab where I received training to run the staff
What seemed like one day of training had been a year
The mystic reappeared and said, “No one must interfere!”
I said, ‘Lady I could be wrong but I feel like I know you’
She smiled then said, “You do and at the proper time I’ll show you
As for the masses, there’s a fate you’ll have to save them from
Look at the people and how disillusioned they’ve become!
The thought streams that this machine is filtering
Are ill meaning and bewildering, you have to kill this thing!
You’ll have to start with all of its compartments
And execute mark hits on targets from Earth or orbit”

After I listened I started on my mission
With one magician from the spacecraft, that’s my assistant!
The first place he brung me had stunned me, what I saw living among me
Eighty-five percent were already zombies
The schools and the streets and the houses
Were doused with the venom of lying governments and sick media outlets!
All intelligent thoughts that sprout get, rerouted and ousted
I had to obliterate the whole outfit!
But where was its station? We tried to pinpoint its location
With extrasensory perceptive navigation
Two seconds after springing to action
I saw on the caption: “The giant shadow of a robotic contraction”
I turned around and shockingly seen
A technicology supreme object that no logic could possibly dream!
Everything that it said was obscene
Plus his head was a screen, it blasted at me with a red-glowing beam!
I blasted back with a shot of my own!
Medulla oblongata lava fire straight out of my bottomless dome!
I heard a voice that made my hair raise, to paraphrase it said
“We’ll forever convey our wicked ways over the airways
You can’t stop the rise, we were put here to deceive the wise
We’re the ones who slay the truth and make people believe the lies
Made the world slaves so don’t defy it!”

To save it I would try it, it was modern day David and Goliath
This denial den that we resided in was multiplying
This leviathan was like trying to escape the Poseidon!
So every great phase that I ever spoken I quoted
Decoded, and overloaded his modem ’til it exploded!
When it blew up I was glad and released it
’til I seen new machines forming from each of the fragmented pieces!
Now I gotta overcome the offspring, the children of ’em
I went from dealing with just one to a million of ’em!
A whole army in the distance ahead!
Imprisoners of listeners, tapped my assistant and said
‘I need a G719 skill gun
He said, “I never heard of that”, I said “I know I just made it up, go build one! ”
He left and said “Okay I’ll go get it; just hold them off for a minute”…
Sixty seconds later he reappeared with it!
I snatched it! With no time to study or test it
It consisted of just one definite button so I pressed it…

[Shots fired]
[People Screams]
[K-Rino coughs]
Oh man!

[Verse 2]

I awoke in a cloud of smoke (coughs)
I saw people one of them stepped out of the crowd and spoke
“It’s so enlightening to be mentally redeemed,” he said
I’m like ‘What happened?’ He said “Look all the machines are dead!
Conscious thinking at the ultimate degree again
No more government commercial radio or CNN!
The gas released out of ya weapon made the camera’s fall
Reversed the spell of the machine, and deprogrammed us all”
I said, ‘But there were millions how could we persist to live?’
“After the wisdom everyone took the initiative”
One by one they were individually destroyed
By everything with knowledge all functions deployed!
They sparked the process with cerebral brain washing narcotics
Scientific control, anatomic robotics melodic hypnotics!
The mystic then delivered my fate
Waved and erased my memory sending me back to my original state
You wonder how then was it told to y’all? (hmm)
The thought probe was never taken out, it recorded the whole battle and showed it all!
Now future generations can say that they seen:
The Total Annihilation of the Evil Machine!



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