Cruz DurrtyJada – Alien Abduction [2012] {Music Video}


It’s has a magnetic field human…
…on brains
Every solar body
Has a powerful magnetic substance called magnitude
Which response sensitively to magnetic fields in our environment
If heart is offspring the magnetosphere which is the magnetic field of the earth and all around it
Surely this will have an affect
On our health and our physiology

[Cruz DurrtyJada]:
Silent weapons for a quiet war
Science professors experiment with my mind and thoughts
Microprocessors connected onto my spinal cord
Societal networks infected by cybernetic force
Electronic fall
In the terror storm I was abducted by spaceships and ancient astronauts
Digital angels ejected out of my body parts
I see these rashy scars
Humanity held my consciousness enslaved and brainwashed
They tried to keep me calm
So they relaxed me with substance in the crease of my arm
Showed me colored graphics from far galactical stars
Told me bacteria was sampled from the sand of mars
And entered camouflage
I found the language odd
Since their letters invented intelligence levels in the center of my cerebellum
And increased it from 10 to 95 percent in a second
As I figured out the methods to reveal that 9/11 was an inside job
The Jerusalem temples and the pyramids in the desert built by extra terrestrials
Aggressive dictatorships protected by federal agents reptilian presidents re-directed the third plane into the pentagon
They blamed it on the terrorists
Bin Ladin is C.I.A and he remains in the membership
Manipulated video-evidence hit the press
They put a million dollars on his head then faking his death
Human sabotage
They can trace our every action via master cards
What are we fighting for? it’s the final call
Fuck the martial law
And developments of supernatural suicide bombs
The reich will fall
As I’m gasping for breath with tubes in my flesh
UFO detected blueprints of death
(Everything is illusion – and doomsday is next)
(The new world order revolution by lucifer’s nest)
A government slave abducted into outer space
Studied for 8419 days
I was born in 1987
Do the calculation
And you might find the date when they took my life away
It’s the same night I documented these audio-waves
A lot of people think they are big headed and slimy grays
If I reveal their appearance they’ll kill me right away
Along with scientists cloning alien viruses
A planetary crisis is about to strike again
Satellites track you down via license plates
Illuminati fake moon-landing Nazi base
They will leave us stranded like the pirates of the viking age
Stuck inside the camera eye on the subway train
Fake tsunami 2004 tidal wave
Area 51 protected by rifle grenades
The shadow government sold weapons to Saddam Hussein
Invented the bible created religions to keep our faces away from the higher powered politicians (politicians)
They transport a thousand of missiles carried out via underground railroad systems
They say that I am too important to die
I was meant to lead our mankind into a better life
The C.I.A created AIDS as a weapon of genocide
An execution of the homosexuals and pedophiles
I was a special child
I spoke to paranormal spirits more than several times
I started singing when I wasn’t old enough to write
I bought my first Lennon single in those desperate times
A lot of questions on my mind
Regarding the mazes the craters and the children of matrix
The rainforest and the killing of Lennon in the 80’s
The global warming and the truth of Kennedy’s assassination
Eternity of space and why we are voting for satanists
A living legend like Rick Rubin
Microchipped humans
Our whole reality was built on a sick illusion
Watch me rip through it let my shit prove it
You are all brainwashed living in the mist of confusion
Conspiracy theories
Alien interference
Stealing blood of man to maintain their human appearance
They are leading me up the staircase to the top of the airbase
Bodies covered with spider-web-like materia
It’s time to leave the airplane and my shackles turn
Wide open as I travel right back to planet earth (planet earth)

Human brains upgrades on very low frequencies
For example, we thinking, i mean, actively
We generating about thirteen-fourteen cycles for a second
When we meditating we generating eight cycles for a second
And when we sleep brain waves running in above four cycles for second
And ?heartless? people generating all of these frequencies
These kinds of signals can control the human brain
And if u can control these frequencies and multiples of these frequencies and —– you can control all kinds of emotions. you can generate happiness you can generate aghh aghh sadness you can generate any mood you want (fading)



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