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New Year’s Eve – MØ

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MØ - New Year's Eve Why do some things stay the same when some don't You said we'll stay around over, no, we know we won't I'm a gross teenager trapped in a grown-up shape Need someone to clean off the mess I've made...

1999 – Prince

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Prince's official music video for 1999 Listen to your favorite Prince tracks, all in one place: Spotify: Apple Music:!1999 Shop Prince: https://Prin...

Happy Hellidays : Evil Roots of Christ-Mas

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Happy Hellidays The Deep Evil Roots Of Christmas

Reptilian Renaissance – Dj Muggs y Sick Jacken – subtitulado español

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Dj Muggs y Sick Jacken - Reptilian Renaissance - subtitulado español Dj Muggs (de Cypress Hill) , Sick Jacken y Cynic - Renacimiento Reptil - Subtítulos en castellano. Álbum: The Legend of The Mask And The Assass...

‘NIMROD’ – The LORD of Christmas

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“Elohim / Yashiya / Christ was NOT born on December 25. Nimrod, king of Shinar, was, according to the Book of Genesis and Books of Chronicles, the son of Cush, the great-grandson of Noah was born on December 25t...

MasonicTV’s Merry Satanic Christmas

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The MTV spot looks like your average Lame Stream Media pandering Christmas-related promo — until you look a little bit closer. Then you see that it’s really a commercial for the Devil! The Nimrod Tree - NIMROD - LOR...

I am Santa Claus

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I am Santa Claus Ho ho ho ho ho Flying Through the snow Can you hear him ho ho ho He's so full of cheer Only has to work one day a year Children in their beds Visions of sugar plums fill their heads So many ki...


81 Views0 Comments presents PTP's single for his upcoming album 'FIRESTORM OF DISCUSSION' . OBEY (STAY ASLEEP). You need to wake up to the control system of a society we live in. Expand your mind, open your third eye. ...

The NSA Is Coming to Town

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The NSA Is Coming to Town Join the fight: When asked about the NSA’s mass collection of Americans’ phone records, Donald Trump said, “I support legislation which allows t...

Christmas In Hollis – RUN-DMC

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RUN-DMC - Christmas In Hollis (Video) More Christmas hits here: Run-DMC's official music video for 'Christmas In Hollis'. As featured on Run-DMC: Greatest Hits. Click to buy th...