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Corporate slave – SNOG

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Snog - Corporate slave There is no America There is no democracy There is no America There is no democracy There is only IBM and ITT Union Carbide and Exxon The winds will blow The profits go down I'm out ...

Make The Little Flowers Grow – SNOG

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Snog - Make The Little Flowers Grow Cowards and Heroes, listen my friends. If you have money and nothing to spend. It'll make no difference in a hundred years or so. Sooner or later we all make the little f...

(1994) The Clinton Chronicles

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The Clinton Chronicles: An Investigation into the Alleged Criminal Activities of Bill Clinton is a 1994 film that accused Bill Clinton of a range of crimes. The video, directed by conservative activist Patrick Matrisc...

Dethrone Tyranny – Gamma Ray

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Gamma Ray - Dethrone Tyranny Alright Someone is out there, he's watching what I do From far in the distance, his eyes everywhere I look around me, there's no one that I see But still I feel someone controllin...

All Wars Are Bankers Wars – MUST SEE!

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ALL WARS ARE BANKERS WARS Now presenting one of the greatest essays ever assembled about the true purpose of War over the last 250 years. Written by Michael Rivero, this film will truly change your views on how our...

The Plan – K-Rino

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The Plan - K-Rino What’s the plan? To not let you consciously advance With mindless radio and television programs. Doping you up with new brands of illegal contraband Once again activating the hand of the Son of M...

Strawman – Nature of the Cage

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Strawman - The Nature of the Cage (OFFICIAL) Strawman - The Nature of the Cage is a cutting edge documentary like no other. It highlights the truth around debt, the Legal Fiction, Lawful and Legal, Debt Collectors, ...

New World (F*ck You) | Anti Illuminati Music – 2015

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New World (F*ck You) | Anti Illuminati Music - 2015 I've provided fair warning for the fowl language in this song. Complaints aren't welcome. Written & Produced by: ODD TV Free Download: https://soundcl...

World Uprising – Antidote to Illuminati NWO

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World Uprising the antidote to the New World Order This is a copy from Puppet and has been authorised by them, We are encouraging all welsh people to become politically active and join We Are Change Wales ...

Mind Control – Tmar

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Tmar - Mind Control (Official Lyric Video) Available on iTunes! Tmar-Mind Control From the Album "Pursuit Of Happiness" Site: Twitter: https://twitte...

Mind Control – DJ Swamp

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MIND CONTROL - DJ Swamp buy the DJ Swamp's album Vinyl Disciple here: DJ Swamp MIND CONTROL music video Directed by Cap'n Fresh  

Mind Control – Kid Sin

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Kid Sin - Mind Control Born in 1976, Kid Sin is a Jersey City, NJ native who has been in the hip hop game for over 20 years. At the early age of 12 Sin started developing his own unique style of rap, and a flow th...

Mind Control – Bob-E

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Music Video by Bob-E performing "Mind Control". Directed and Filmed by: Carlos Osorio for Miami Photo Inc. Written by: Bob-E Edited by: Devin Moore Twitter: @conflict17 Bob-E Facebook Fanpage: https://www.fac...

Anti-Illuminati – Vendetta Kingz

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Chavs – NxtGen

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NxtGen - Chavs    


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MIND CONTROL BIG BROTHER THOUGHT POLICE BIOLOGICAL ANDROIDS SHEEPLE & GIMPS Hello sheeple`s Bob and Nancy...a little update here to your programming! Welcome to the new world order!...have fun!! Th...

Words I Never Said – Lupe Fiasco

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Lupe Fiasco - Words I Never Said ft. Skylar Grey [Skylar Grey] It’s so loud Inside my head With words that I should have said! As I drown in my regrets I can’t take back the words I never said I can’t take back ...

Stuff The Cuts (Austerity)- NxtGen

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NxtGen - Stuff The Cuts (OFFICIAL VIDEO) Written, performed, directed and edited by NxtGen #NxtGenUK If you would like to buy the single click her...

Mind Control – MK Ultra

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MK ULTRA - MIND CONTROL MK-ULTRA is a rapper and producer from the UK. He believes in free expression and conveying truth and knowledge through his music. Having been an Electro producer for many years it is safe to ...

Mind Control – Arshad

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Download "Mind Control" and Arshad's Debut album "Knockout" for Free Here!: Hey Guys!...